The slippery slope


Pasta is redpilled to the extreme!!


Apologies for the ridiculously late reply, I only just caught up on this thread.

I mean, sure, but to me this indicates that the 9-5 office culture is dumb, and excludes a bunch of really good engineers in an industry which is always talking about how hard it is to find them. That’s what needs fixing.

For context, I had to quit my full-time job and become a full-time consultant for the same company because after my divorce I look after my kid half the week, and it’s completely impossible for me to get him to and from school on time and also be at the office during required hours. The company refused to give me any flexibility because it “wouldn’t be fair to everyone else” (and indeed, we have no other single parents, and the relatively few married parents who work here rely on in-laws and buxibans to make their schedules work).

The result of that change was a significant pay cut for me (plus loss of pension contributions and equity accrual), and a huge reduction in my commitment and engagement at work (because, you know, fuck 'em).

Everyone loses, and for what?



I think we need to let this happen so people can see there is a difference between a man and a women.

In my freshmen year I played against our college division 1 womens basketball team on the practice squad they would invite to help prepare them. I was not on the men’s team, and I don’t think I could have played at that level at basketball. 6’2 isn’t tall enough for my position.

We would play at maybe 50-60% intensity and still beat them easily, but they never counted score because it’s probably not nice to see them at being outscored by huge
margins. I know for sure my freshmen team of 14 year olds could have beat our college womens team full of adult females playing at the highest level of college. And my freshmen team would be far from elite. I watch the WNBA and I have a feeling if you take a team of elite 14 year old boys, they could beat them as well. I knew some kids who could dunk at 14 while the WNBA players can’t do a in game dunk.

It’s just the reality of things.

Lebron james jr would be the best player in the WNBA if he played now at 14. And I don’t believe he is the best player in that freshmen class either.


I don’t really see a problem with this. Even if you are against gay marriage, it’s a fact that gay couples are raising children (either through adoption or a surrogate pregnancy).

Changing the form just takes this reality into account.


Yep. I’ve seen it in the US as well. Common sense


But this is going to create a new source of conflict: parents are going to start arguing over who gets to be Parent 1.


Ha, you fill out the form then honey

They could make it 1A and 1B


Still implies a hierarchy. They’ll have to make it something like Parent Awesome and Parent Wonderful.


I’m not sure how it works in French, but in English it would need to be “Guardian” not “Parent”. Numbering 1 and 2 is an altogether hotter potato.


What do you mean? If you have two dads. You have two fathers. If you have two moms. You have two mothers. Why don’t they just put both options. Is there something other than a mother a father?


Why don’t they just put “father/mother”


Because just from a practical standpoint, it’s easier to use the term parent. It takes up less space and takes into account non-traditional families.


Did you just assume the parents’ genders?!? :grin:


“Father/Mother” seems practical to me. Is there some other word for this?


Yes, parent.


Why don’t we just remove or ban the words mother and father? There’s always some issue with language now.


There’s a need to differentiate between people legally. You could have a “father 1” and “father 2” or “mother 1”… Then you’d have to have “mother/father 1” and “mother/father 2”. This makes more sense from that perspective.


This bill would authorize a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors to seek discretionary relief from the duty to register if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor.

Basically sex offenders wouldn’t have to register as long as not more 10 years older than victim.

Brought to you by, nothing-else-better-to-do-but-bring-these-to-the-legislative-floor, state senator Scott Wiener and assemblywoman Susan Eggman of California.


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