The slippery slope

I haven’t watched the video, so I’m only responding to what people have written in this thread.

Suppose some unpleasant person on a bus insults a visible minority passenger, “go back to your country” etc. Most people agree that it’s wrong. Why?

A: People have rights, including the right to be treated with respect, the right to be free from discrimination, and so on.
B: People have responsibilities, including the responsibility to treat others with respect, the responsibility not to discriminate, and so on.

You could say one person’s right is another’s responsibility. :yin_yang: So what’s the problem?

A: The potential victim’s rights trump the potential offender’s rights.
B: The potential offender’s responsibilities trump the potential victim’s responsibilities.

According to Comrade Finsky, A leads to the collapse of civilization, but B just might save the world. Qualifiedly optimistic there. :ponder:

Why? You tell us responsibilities are “easier to arrive at by a process of debate and logical inference”.

If you have a certain outlook, then yes.
If you have a certain other outlook, exactly the opposite.

In your German example, were people not already educated about responsibility? We’ve all heard the line: “I was only following orders.” :innocent:

Decades later, they were still using that line in one form or another – essentially “my actions were correct because I had certain responsibilities” – and not any lines about rights, because they wouldn’t get anywhere claiming “my actions were correct because the victims had no rights”.

In the words of a certain UN Secretary General and Austrian president:

And you know perfectly well that that document is from the 1940’s, before most members here (or Justin, or most people who are alive today) were even born.

Oh and btw, if we’re keeping score (Mr. Venezuela), you basically Godwinned yourself. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rights and responsibilities are both abstractions, unless enforced.

You say you’re opposed to pedophilia? Put the pedophiles in jail, or shut the hell up. I’m looking at you, UK.

Selective outrage. You should look at a lot of countries.


Not connected to the original topic about pedophilia, but perfectly in line with the “slippery slope” concept:‘Natural’-Is-Unethical-Because-It-Reinforces-Gender-Roles

Breastfeeding is basically a social construct.


also, back to the topic of LGBQTP:



This from the same guy who posted that “cave explorer” cartoon the other day. Sorry Mr. Wtf, I would not trust you with anyone’s kids. :2cents:

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That’s not a fucking thing. The right has always tried to equate homosexuality with pedophilia and it looks as though they’ve found a new method of doing just that. This isn’t about trying to bring pedophilia into the mainstream; nobody wants to do that. Instead, it’s a continuation of the long fight conservatives have been waging against the LGBT community. “Let’s just take them down a notch because they’ve been getting too big for their britches.” It’s disgusting and the perpetuation of this narrative by the right is pathetic.

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By the right? Do you think that TedEx and the buzzfeeds/salons of this world are far right propaganda websites?

Soon on Buzzfeed:“Someone, somewhere, wants to fuck your kids. And that’s beautiful”.

But dont worry, there’s still plenty of letters to be added. Isn’t it bigoted that the letter Z is missing? Some people just want to get laid with animals. And that’s a good thing.

Sorry, did they use the LGBQTP label or was that you?

They’re the ones trying to normalize pedophilia and explain to us bigots that there’s nothing wrong in wanting to fuck kids. You should get upset with them, not with a guy who suggests that eventually the P will make its way to the ever-expanding alphabet group.

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they might as well just add another P for pedophiles and B for beastiality.

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Trying to discuss and understand something is different to normalizing it but I haven’t read whatever you’re talking about. Maybe they’re big NAMBLA fans now, I don’t know.

The issue I’m concerned with is equating it with LGBTQ, so my issue right now is with your narrative, not theirs.

I don’t say this lightly, but this shit is seriously, SERIOUSLY homophobic and you should all be deeply ashamed with yourselves. I know the whole narrative in this forum is liberals cry racist, sexist, homophobic. BUT STOP BEING HOMOPHOBIC.


Plenty of stuff on Google.

If some “”“academies”"" keep pushing the idea that wanting to screw kids is a normal sexual orientation, do you really find it unreasonable that one day we may have the letter P added in the alphabet family?

I don’t see it as a very remote possibility.

“HURR HOMOPHOBIC” → I 100% support gay marriage, and I hope that all pedophiles will be melted in acid. Which is why I don’t like the idea of normalizing pedophilia.

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Those articles don’t really normalize it. The first is some weirdo on reddit and the second is some woman talking about the psychology surrounding it. I couldn’t really talk about how accurate she is but I’d hope she’s suggest, like, chemical castration or some shit.

Then stop with the “LGBQTP” bullshit. The suggestion there is the gay community would welcome them (or the bestiality morons) with open arms and there is no chance of that happening. The only ones who benefit from that label are those who would try to keep the gay community down.

It’s not bullshit, it’s just the way things seem to be headed for me.
“It’s a natural sexual orientation” sounds very familiar to me, doesn’t it?

But hey, if you also want to make sure that no one normalizes pedophilia, instead of arguing with someone who agrees with you, you could send an email to TedEx, salon and friends and tell them to cut the “fucking kids is a natural thing” bullshit.

There’s a difference between having an open discussion about something serious and allowing adults to bone children. Nobody is ever going to allow the latter to happen, but hopefully with the former we can curb the latter. I haven’t listened to that whole talk so I really don’t know. I don’t see people trying to validate pedophilia nearly as much as I see people trying to lump them in with the gay community. So, yeah, by and large, my biggest issue here is the continued problem where people are equating pedophilia with homosexuality.


Everyone’s a homophobe for fifteen minutes.

Totally unreasonable. What consenting adults do and child abuse are totally different things. Why do you want to lump them together?

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