The slippery slope




This was entirely predictable. Might take a few more of these court cases before the most vocal crowd on fighting racism, sexism and bigotry, that by engaging in equality of outcome they can only reach their desired goal, by being racists, sexists and bigots.

But I won’t hold my breath on the realization happening anytime soon, they seem to have 24 ft thick craniums.


They seriously tried to claim that all 127 candidates were equal?


From Mick’s BBC link-

The tribunal in Liverpool ruled Mr Furlong had been a victim of direct discrimination on the grounds of his sexual orientation, race and sex.

It ruled that while positive action can be used to boost diversity, it should only be applied to distinguish between candidates who were all equally well qualified for a role.

The bad news is that Cheshire actually denied its residents the services of the best candidate for racist and sexist reasons. The good news is that the Liverpool tribunal was able to overturn their decision.

Would love to know if Furlong is still available. He’s probably moved on to another police force.


In this instance positive discrimination becomes a public health and safety issue. Deliberately selecting weaker candidates for jobs where people’s lives could be at risk.

If I’m getting mugged it’s no use sending Ironside out to help me. Might help the inclusivity and diversity stats, but it’s no bloody use to me.


@BiggusDickus , always amazed me that the amount of Newscasters on British Television with a speech impediment seemed to be around 50%. Jenda! Maybe I am being pedantic , which is unusual for me … :smirk:. As is usual , the world runs with a reasonable moral idea , which gets more extreme ,to the point of creating the very discrimination it sought to eliminate :pensive: N.B…I meant the latter point in reference to more serious positions .


I remember some “interesting” news not long ago from the UK, with police officers saying they needed help from civilians to stop violent crimes (???), and several cases of police women ending up in trouble.

But hey, they have the diversity police now. Checkmate, bigots!


It can happen.


At least they’re not white cisgender men. Thank God for that!


When my mate joined the police they had a minimum height requirement. Obviously, that’s long since been done away with.

If you haven’t got a gun then you need some physical presence.


You really do. A big problem for women police officers (at least in the US) is that violence against and disrespect for women seem to be naturally occurring attributes of males who are the most dangerous to society as a whole. The more violent the lawbreaker, the more likely he is to react violently to women in authority. I think women police officers should receive extra training as a consequence. Presenting yourself physically is important, especially for female police officers.

Youtube is filled with videos of violent criminals who attempt to run roughshod over female police officers.




This has to play out before it can be reigned in. Right now, we are in a bad place. A few days ago I was reading Martina Navratilova had voiced an opinion on trans women in sports. Her opinion wasn’t the popular opinion or even allowed so she was kicked off a LGBT groups advisory board position.

Which is primarily the issue I have with what’s going on, more so than should trans be allowed to compete or not, it’s that people should be allowed to have an opinion.


Yeah, we need to see complete chaos such as lower level male athletes competing as women and winning everything. People need to have it proved to them how farcical it is. Only then will the groupthink change.


From the Mail Online article-

  • 2.4. Compliance with these conditions may be monitored by testing. In the event of non-compliance, the athlete’s eligibility for female competition will be suspended for 12 months.

May be monitored?! How about, will be monitored, and daily. :thinking:

This is a sick joke, a cruel prank to be played on women athletes. Outrageous.


On the plus side, drug cheat Flo Jo’s records will finally be beaten.


Idk even know how they set the range. Obviously even within normal people there’s a difference between upper ranges of the hormone and the lower ranges. And it changes as people age. And would it be a excuse for people who fail to just say they didn’t manage their hormones correctly since it isn’t the normal for them any ways.


Not only that, but already the Olympics are the world’s biggest example of drug testing chasing new (illegal) drug development and losing every year. I would trust a strip mall lawyer before I would trust Olympic drug testing.

I would bet a large sum that somebody in Russia or one of Russia’s former Balkan republics figures out a way to beat the tests, advance men to compete as women, and pocket a pile of gold medals. This opens up a whole new playground for drug cheats.

It’s shocking that we would subject our female athletes to this new ruling. I hope most female athletes boycott over it.


At the end of the day money talks. When nobody shows any interest in women’s athletics because every event is being won by men then the idiots in charge will see the light.


I wonder if sports broadcasters will now list Name, Country, and Sex by each athlete.

I think they will have to identify males competing as females before each event. If they don’t, and a male wins, I have a feeling it will not be taken well at all well by the viewing public to learn the truth afterwards. And if a female defeats a male it’s even bigger news. Sports broadcasting has been handed a nightmare and a $$ opportunity by this new ruling.

I really think we let our female athletes down if we subject them to this change. It’s definitely a step backward for female athletics.