The slippery slope



“Men aren’t women” in 2019? How dares she…




It does seem strange . In a Land where the presumption of innocence reigns supreme? Everyone is entitled to a fair Trial ? All Legal reasoning , as implied, seems to have gone out of the window.


the left is just devouring itself.
so incredible. a slow train wreck, but one that is needed.


I read an interview with Sullivan where he was asked why he agreed to represent a wealthy, privileged, white man such as Weinstein and his response was interesting:

because they walk into the court with the presumption of guilt, as opposed to the presumption of innocence.


Bloody hell, the protests against Sullivan are being led by a Brit. Look at the logic:

For survivors, hearing about other cases of sexual violence and assault can be triggering, even if only from the daily news cycle. For survivors in Winthrop, living in a House with someone who is a daily reminder of the Weinstein case could be deeply traumatic. Houses are meant to be places of refuge, where all students can feel safe and supported by faculty, administrators, staff, and peers.


You kind of have to feel sorry for people who have lost all critical thinking skills. And if they haven’t, and are just doing it for political reasons, well, fuck’em.


I think they genuinely believe that the mere mention of the name Weinstein could trigger someone and cause severe trauma.


They might say that, some may even believe it themselves. What this is IMO is another example of exerting control over others, what they say, who they support what they can or can’t watch. If it falls outside of what they deem acceptable a public shaming process is undertaken.


Read that as well. Well spoken throughout, though surprised he played the race card. An old white guy would be going through the same grinder with extra glee. I almost think he doesn’t believe it and is just playing any card he has in his hand.


This research suggests that issuing trigger warnings increases anxiety, but only with people who believe that words can trigger traumatic memories.


He’ll have my shekels soon <3


Its members are generally decent people with good intentions. They have an unshakeable certainty that their worldview is correct. They feel the need to proselytise and convert as many of the fallen as possible. And even though they are capable of the most horrendous dehumanising behaviour, they think they are the good guys.

This is pretty spot on, although I don’t think most feel the need to proselytise and looking at the good in people I think he’s right in saying they “are generally decent people with good intentions”.

But my god he is right on the money with the comment about being “capable of the most horrendous dehumanising behaviour”. It was just the other day Ilhar Omar was asked if she was comparing Obama and Trump and her reply was along the lines of only one of them is human, that Trump is not really a human being.



I think a Bear may be worried ? :innocent:


What kind of he-men has this woman been dating


I imagine her lukewarm IQ and bizarre political views severely limit her options, hence her experiences with men near the bottom of the gene pool…


It’s clearly a wind-up. It must be, mustn’t it? Tell me it is.


That’s what I thought at first, but I tried googling the name and she appears to be a real person. Bit hard to tell these days, of course. I wonder if the world population is actually only 6.5 billion, plus another billion fake Facebook accounts?