The slippery slope


From what I can tell she is real, from Toronto (figures) but not recent. This article is way back to 2013, wants laws to regulate how loud a fart can be. She’s a nobody with another stupid opinion, move on.

Now Ilhar Omar (D-Mogadishu) seems to be working on her progressive left unity between identity political group kumbaya moments, someone might want to tell her the wording could use some … how do you say … more neutral language like LGBT sort of thing.


maybe Omar might want to have an open discussion of Muslims in the Mideast throwing those ‘queers’ off the top of buildings to see if they can fly


The irony . Of course this contradiction can not be discussed.


Looks like we have enough rooftops of our own to worry about without worrying about liberal Moslem Americans


So you’re saying Republicans want to throw gays off rooftops? :hushed:



Ruling by Japan’s Supreme Court.

The unkindest cut

Even the Economist slips in some dry humor