The slippery slope


(Because this place is turning Orwellian, we should perhaps establish some Weibo style code words. The priests shall be referred to as Darth Vader. Darth Vader is not permitted to do… certain things.)

But the Pope says we are all Darth Vader. I say that’s just plain Jar Jar.

This is all very similar to something that is ongoing right here, right now. Also, Rotherham.

In PC code, there are certain groups who are permitted to rape children. To criticize them for doing so is “hateful bigotry.” As of now, Darth Vader is not on that list. But he used to be on a different list - a Catholic list. So there’s hope for the hateful bigots and the children the hateful bigots would protect from being raped.

But it took a long time to take away Darth’s get-jiggy-with-a-child-free card.

God bless the “hateful bigots” and all others who speak for the helpless and abused children.


will cisgender women ever recover? Were they even trying? Smh


Bloody hell, she looks like a rugby prop forward.




It’s ludicrous. A big fucker of a man has just beaten two women. She’s not even remotely feminine. She’s a big bloke. This is insane.


Would take a big pair even to enter the UCI Masters Track Cycling Women 35-44 Sprint when you’re a transgender.




Back in the old days, we had a word for this sort of thing.

It was called “cheating”.


The question probably is: How much woman do you have to be to count as transgender and participate in the women’s competition? Could be a path for blokes who don’t make it in the men’s competition.


…Ah yes the old Soviet bloc and their supplements…



nah, you’re just transphobic


seems to me that the only fair option would be to have transgender people disqualified from both men and women’s events. Because they are neither one nor t’other. Not fair to THEM, of course, but fair to everyone else.

Didn’t there used to be a genetic test for Olympic events? IIRC a woman had to be XX, although the only requirement for being male was at least one Y chromosome.

I suppose they could always organise completely separate events for men-who-used-to-be-women, and vice versa.


The bar’s been set very low in this case.

That’s a big bloke in a variety of wigs.


Well, obviously you are an insensitive piece of excreta of the patriarchy for even entertaining that line of thinking, bub. Yours is a clear case of maxime toxicus masculini sexus, such thoughts I swear.

That Y chromosome means nothing. Nothing !!!


Athletes who participate as “male” are not tested.


Maybe the categories shouldn’t be male/female but high/low level of testosterone and level of body mass.

Sex verification is not conducted on male athletes, those competing in the male category, and little data are available on their chromosomes or hormone profiles. However, a post-competition study of 693 elite athletes by Healy et al , published in 2014, found significant sex differences in many variables. The authors found that:

Using these data, Scientific American estimated that “almost 2 percent” of male competitors had testosterone levels in the typical female range.[35] The study authors also stated that average lean body mass differences might account for performance differences between sexes.[34]


Maybe everyone should have thought about having this discussion before making the law. :idunno:


Dr. McKinnon also identifies as a lesbian.


I had to read this three times because my brain couldn’t process the whole thing.


Probably a misquote over the wrong l-word. I’m sure Dr. McKinnon meant that she identified as a middle-linebacker when she was a he.

I mean, I know she was always a she (I’m not insensitive), but when she played middle-linebacker it was rumored - at the time - that she might be waffling.


As far as I can tell we have a male who hasn’t undergone any gender reassignment surgery and is attracted to women, but likes to wear a dress and identifies as a woman.