The slippery slope


Unfortunately feelings are more important than facts.


A rebuttal has already been lined up for that proposition:

Lots of transphobic bigots are responding to my world championship win saying that ‘Next up, the paralympics.’ Hey women, you realize that ALL of these people (many of them women) are comparing you to disabled people…right? Women = ‘disabled men’ they think. Wow. Offensive.

That would be equating genderqueer with special needs. I have to say that this suggests special needs to be a pejorative, which is ableism. Anyway, watching the whole logic shithouse implode is amusing if a bit sad.

I’m waiting for the argument that transmen should be given some kind of preferential treatment if they choose to compete in men’s sports.


wait, what…


reminds me of…


If only she dared to identify as a man as well…but it’s already edgy enough, I like her.


Well, her teeth are pretty white.



Behold, as a bunch of privileged cisgender iranian women face a transgender australian athlete in an absolutely fair match of handball.
Cigender iranian women btfo. Will they ever recover?


That one could go in the funny pictures thread. Same transwoman as this one?


Yes, she was banned by the football league so she went for handball.

When you’re a bulky dude, you don’t have to be picky when it comes to competing in women sports, anything will do.


Water ballet?


And with this, the guardian is officially on the same level as info wars. Possibly lower, considering that at least alex jones is funny.


First post video unavailable


Not surprised they removed it. They wanted to look uber progressive and dived head first into a pool of diarrhea.

  • The human brain isn’t fully developed until 25 years of age. Everything is there except for the frontal cortex, which is the last thing to mature.

“But judge, my immature frontal cortex made me do it.”


back when he played in the woman footy league. Notice the expression of the girl on the left: she’s clearly a bigot.



how’s is this related to the slippery slope? Well, it’s in California, the governmental embodiment of the slippery slope concept.


I don’t get it. Why’s she cutting hair?


Colonial Williamsburg is way past due for a Christopher Guest mockumentary ala Best in Show, or This Is Spinal Tap. This teacher’s firing fits the heavy-handed, elitist approach to American culture taken to ever bizarre extremes there. (West Point is located very near Williamsburg.)

The teacher who was fired for never using a pronoun (he did consistently call the student by her male name) will hopefully take the old-fashioned path to solution and resign, then run for the local school board. His platform should be to root out the pronoun nazis. The school district needs a new Superintendent of schools since the current Superintendent is using West Point as a platform for finding greener employment pastures in some new urban, PC school district that she is doubtlessly eyeing closely now.

Looks like he might have far more local support than he may realize. The Orwellian coercion used by current Superintendent Laura Abel in this case is creepy af. Vlaming wasn’t fired because he refused to call her a him, he was fired because he avoided using pronouns altogether (with one slip-up), and his attempt at compromise was rejected.

The student and parents met with Vlaming on multiple occasions and expressed their concerns. Vlaming shared his position with the parents and said he would use the student’s new name and avoid offensive pronouns, according to Voyles.

But after an incident where the student was wearing virtual reality goggles and almost ran into a wall in the hallway and Vlaming shouted “don’t let her run into the wall,” the parents said it was unhealthy for their child to remain in Vlaming’s class, according to school division’s attorney Stacy Haney.

More of gender as an identity-politics cudgel in Western politics. I’m not convinced this kind of heavy-handed coercion will have a happy ending for people who are as understandably fragile as non-binaries.


I had the same question, then I realized it’s commiefornia : she’s probably protesting against the patriarchy and capitalism, using hair as a symbol of everything that’s wrong in the country. And Sdrumpf, of course.