The slippery slope


Does the NHS have a yearly budget for testing women for testicular cancer?

Please tell me they do, or I’d have to start thinking the NHS is run by bigots.


I can not but wonder , that we found this amusing…because of the absurdity. The agenda seems to be that this should be perfectly normal . Be whomsoever you wish to be , but keep it sane.


It’s most probably an admin issue. Men who identify as women are getting mailed pap tests because they are listed as female. The Daily Mail have twisted this as a PC gone mad story.

At least, I hope that’s the case. The alternative is too bat shit crazy.




yeah, that’s clearly a job that women will excel at doing. Looking forward to the outcome, nothing could possibly go wrong.


It’s interesting to imagine what sort of public backlash Life of Brian would get today. On its release, the main objection was blasphemy. I’m pretty certain everyone would be, like, “meh” about that today, and it would be that scene attracting ire.


If that was some left-wing rag, it’d be par for the course, but apparently people who work for the Harvard Review didn’t pass highschool math.

On the average, the US “white” population is somewhere between 60 and 80% depending on who you label “white”. 12% identify as “black”. So while women are (surprise!) not applying or not qualifying, and there might be some modest discrimination against non-whites, it doesn’t seem to be of epidemic proportions.


Eureka! I think she may be on to something. I say…she dreams a lot


Another pile of drivel on the diversity-and-inclusiveness theme, this time from LinkedIn:

The importance of diversity in hiring and why it matters

“From our data, we know that the industry average of female developers is only 9% , compared with 91% male developers . Yet on hackajob, we’re seeing the average number of female developers at 22% compared to 78% male developers . The interest is clearly there, so the next step is to drive these people into the sector and fix the widespread imbalance.”

Here’s the thing, Einstein. Women, like it or not, tend to have kids, and either want to spend time with them, or don’t have any choice in the matter. Jobbing sites offer the requisite flexibility. Turning up at the office for a 9-to-5 is neither desirable nor profitable for those women who are capable of software engineering but don’t want their lives to revolve around it.

I do like that phrase about “driving” those nonconformists into mainstream industry, which brings to mind an image of cattle being driven into a CAFO shed.

“A recent McKinsey report states that the top-rated companies (in the UK & US) for ethnic diversity and management were 35% more likely to have far better financial returns”

Correlation is not causation, young grasshopper. It could simply be that companies that make a shitload of money have more leeway to indulge in right-on management techniques that aren’t profitable in and of themselves, but generate lots of good PR.


Nazis are bad, and that’s a good thing, because diversity is a strength.

How will 2019 ever out-do 2018?


I hope you’re not phrasing it as a challenge, 'cause I’m afraid it can be accepted…


Raise your hand if you thought that the previous women marches were only about women rights in the West and had no other other purpose to exist.

I’ll keep my hand down.


the sports thing, the real problem, will sort itself out.

sports are in many ways the ultimate meritocracy and will change to make the games more safe and the competition fairer and what not.

Perhaps a transgender games, because y chromosomes in xx chromosome sports is wildly irresponsible and sober minds will see this.

regarding oddballs in the news, attention whoring is not going anywhere.


A transgender games would be a statement that transwomen are not women. I don’t think the trans community are going to accept that. The basis of their argument is that they are women who were wrongly assigned male at birth and should therefore be treated as women (even if, in boxing for example, this could lead to a woman being seriously injured).


The girl in front now knows what it feels like when you stop benefiting from the white patriarchy privilege.


It’s so bizarre, isn’t it? If the girl wrestler identified as a boy people would be up in arms about this act of violence on a young woman. However, because she identifies as female she’s a feminist heroine. For beating up physically weaker girls.


This situation, shockingly, is not what you might expect from reading the cheesefest clickbait meme


I was wrong. Yes, I totally agree that a girl who transitions to be a boy should be allowed to compete against other boys.


Doesn’t this kind of hormonal treatment be considered doping?


This transgender is pumping himself full of steroids.
He may already have had abnormally high testosterone for a woman.
In reality its doping.
It seems from this that transgenders don’t need to follow doping regulations for steroids , a TUE?

Whether he wants to compete in the mens is a different matter than if he should be allowed complete in the women’s.