The Smashing Pumpkins are back!

Article here.
Yay! :yay:
I saw them on their “last ever” tour.
Well I guess I can’t say that anymore.
They’re picking Paris to start the tour.
I’m surprised they don’t kick it off in Chicago.
Who’s next?
Rage Against The Machine?

yay again.

they will also be playing a gig in taipei at my house… for my birthday. NOT. but that would be very nice.

see his announcement to the people of Chicago:

It says in the article that they’ll be going to Japan, and that means this year. I’m all for asking them to come to Taiwan, but they never listen to me. So, who’s up for a little field trip???

[quote=“Josefus”]Who’s next?
Rage Against The Machine?[/quote]

Rage Against the Machine reunites

Who’s next?


I mean, the F******n Police are back. The Who are back. The Pixies are back. Everybody’s back.

I liked that line from one of the guys in Mott the Hoople. Kudos if your memory stretches back to them. Their biggest hit was written by David Bowie, it was “All the Young Dudes”. So, anyway, some guy was interviewing this ex-Mott guy and asking him if there was any possibility of a reunion tour, 30 years after their biggest hit. He quipped, “Come on now. Who wants to see All the Old Dudes?”