The standing stones in Hualien

The standing stones in Hualien.

I’ve only seen a picture on the internet. I’m wondering what is the supposed origin of those two huge stones. Is there a theory they are related to stones anywhere else in the Pacific. I assume it was the ancestors of the aboriginals, the Lapita people (pre Polynesian) who constructed them. They seem to have marks in the top indicating a bigger edifice was originally constructed. It’s very interesting they are in Hualien on the east coast (facing out to sea).
I wonder what era they date to?

Could this be true? Are there standing stones in Hualien or just some big rocks? I’d be very interested to see the pictures that you mentioned and to find out the location… Cheers :slight_smile:

Links/pics please. Ta!

Links to standing stones-- Sabat Stone Pillars (Dancing Crane Stone Pillars)

It says they belong to the AhMei tribe but my guess is that is just a big guess! It would be interesting to see if they have any links with any pillars in the Pacific Islands. … efault.asp … 914s5.html