The Stork Has Visited Malc!

As of 5:21 pm today, Malc joins the ranks of Forumosan dads. Baby Sophie came a couple of weeks earlier than expected, but both mother and daughter are doing fine.

Congratulations, Malc!

I don’t know you Malc but congrats. A daughter is so cool. First one? They hate you and love mom for the first 3 years and then love you and hate mom up to about age 6. Then they hate you again for a few years until about 12. Then you again become the person that can do no wrong until they are about age 14. Then they hate you both and love the punk rocker or just about anybody else. After that - hell, depends on the child. Usually they keep hating you both until they need money or fall in love with a rock star wannabe.
Good luck! Been there too many times but I have to say, those first moments after birth were the most special. Enjoy! The good times are yet to come (after marriage - start saving now)

Malc’s too sweet to garner hate.

Hey Malc, d’ya suppose when you told me her name yesterday, she heard you calling her? Said to her little self, “That’s my Daddy!!” Then she musta just thought it was time to see ya?

Being early must be such a joy for the moms. Moms I’ve known aren’t in the pleasantest of conditions that last month. Good for Sophie. She’s a giver.

Who the heck is Malc?

[quote=“gao_bo_han”]Who the heck is Malc?[/quote]He (along with Goose Egg) are my two co-admin. Malc and Goose Egg are mostly responsible for the tech side of things, so sometimes they keep a deceptively low profile.

Well in that case, I humble myself before Malc, and offer the following (translated) Arabic blessing:

May your daughter bear you many grandsons!

:beer: Congrats Malc! :bravo:

We’ll try not to bother you with tech complaints for a few days! :laughing:

[quote=“gao_bo_han”]Well in that case, I humble myself before Malc, and offer the following (translated) Arabic blessing:

May your daughter bear you many grandsons![/quote]

For what? A jihad on Forumosa? Congrats Malc!!!

Congratulations, Malc :beer:


Exxxxxxxxxcellent! :slight_smile:

Having seen the pictures, all I can say is thank the heavens she takes after Mrs Malc. :smiley:

Hearty congratulations, mate.

Congratulations! :rainbow:




Way to go Malc! Welcome to our sleepless hell!

Thanks guys for your congrats. It is a truly wonderous thing!

With said lack of sleep, I am not sure what day it is or where I am, but I wouldn’t change it for anything. Who needs sleep anyway :smiley:

Thanks Taff! I await with wonder for Taffy Jnr. One can only hope she follows our lead :astonished:

When we were speaking Toe, it was all beginning. Really amazing timing. Perhaps she did hear and think, “Sod that. I don’t need breathing classes.” And btw, that was a bit of a crash course in the end! Amazing the Chinese you can learn in an emergency. I can now say, “Blow not breathe.”

And no worries DB, all is well so I am back on Forumosa tech watch.