The stork has visted the Hobbeses! (Again!)

The stork has visted the Hobbeses and dropped off a healthy baby boy - Josh Hobbes, weighing in at 3.8 kgs. Both mother and son are doing well. Congratulations, Hobbes! :bravo:

All the very best to the Hobbeses!


Hey! Congratulations!

Congratulations Hobbsey.

Congrats hobbes!


Congratulations, Hobbes!

Keep the windows closed and this kind of thing won’t happen! :loco:

Oh, and congrats. :wink:

Congratulations to the Hobbes family!

All the best to you all.


And quite a coincidence. We had stork for dinner last night. Now get some sleep.

Congrats Hobbes. May this be the best year of your life!!!

Congratulations to Pa, Ma and Papoose Hobbes! I hope the wife is recuperating well and the little one settling contentedly into life on the outside.

Two little lads, eh? That’ll be a handful!

Hearty congratulations to Lord and Lady Hobbes. Now we just need some kind of pre-emptive UN action to ensure the little tyke doesn’t grow up scarred by supporting the wrong football team…

Congratulations and all the best.

Great news! Congrats all around.
I wonder, though… was Hobbes at the pub when the stork called?


Congratulations… Yu must be thinking “My boys can swim!”…or not.
Good work bud!

Congratulations Hobbes. Well done. :bravo:

Congrats Hobbes!