The Strange Case of the Nude Yogi & Other Tales


“would you like to swap”

never thought that sitting bollock naked on a rock would turn out to be a flirting situation. respect.

Some guys take every opportunity they can. A mate who was having his HPV warts burnt off asked the nurse out on a date. That kind of chutzpah takes some beating.


I once tried to ask out the nurse inserting a catheter into my penis…but then my girlfriend walked in…

Nasty nasty business. Bring on the hate and scorn I deserve it

Oooops I just noticed this is legal forum please delete sorry !

Seems to be common.

It’s not in the Legal forum anymore. But do try to keep things civilized here too. :slight_smile:

@Lawrence-D we are thrilled to have another celebrity join us! :grinning:

I won’t out the other ones who are here or tell you the reasons for which they’re famous (not the same reason as you). They can introduce themselves if they feel like it. But please, since you have a history of trouble with the law, I must ask you preemptively, in all seriousness, to respect our rules. :policeman: :policewoman:

Thank you and enjoy the site!

that’s all fine and dandy with the nude yogi…
the key point, can he levitate?

If he had just done so, I’m sure he could have sorted everything out with the police.

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Or at least escaped.

That would be some pretty awesome levitation.

It wasn’t exactly the purpose of my sitting but I do think it would be fantastic to have the ability to fly into the multiverse and beyond. Flirting with the news reporter was the least of my troubles that day.

Or at least over to the liquor store.



As per your thread on your child. Just try to step back into the third person persepctive. See what others might see. Especially a judge.

Im not saying what you did was wrong. Im for legalizing nudity and all that. But just try to think about connecting the dots. What will others think. Through your other post we (the public) now have very detailed info about your private life. Connecting this thread and news reports also have a very detailed view of what you look like. Face, tattoos and ya…

So anything you say here inline can be used by your ex. Dont assume it wont be.

Only mentioning this in case you think its a forum and cant be used in court. It can, and will, to win pitty points with the judge and the way this story looks you likely wont win. Its fun to talk shit over beers, not over tears.


There is a very strong possibility that I might lose a court case and also lose the opportunity to see my kid as well. I understand the risks of opening up into a forum as well and wouldn’t expect any less for the sake of my child’s safety. Each one of us probably has a few skeletons hiding in some deep dark place and I’m not expecting to get any pity for the circumstances. I would, however, like my kid to someday know that I did what was necessary in an effort to have him with me. The outcome of my efforts may certainly turn against my favor though.


I doubt that the apparently civilized parts of the planet are ready for nudity anyway. Why bother?

Then it might be wise to filter what you post online :wink: your pic is now also public on this forum so its very obvious what you have done and how to recognize you.

Play the long game bro. It all comes back to bite you in the ass eventually.

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Is the Chief still here :joy:

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I’m not sure about that. But currently active members include at least one sportsman who proved his awesomeness recently by surviving against great odds, plus a heartthrob of the big and small screens. The list goes on…

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