The Superhero Gallery of Fame

Uh, I like comic books too. Or is this thread about TV superheroes?

Favorite obscure TV heroes:

Shazam / Isis (Saturday morning live-action series, 2 seasons I think)
Ark II (Saturday morning live-action series, 1 season?)
Exo-Man (TV pilot)
The Man With The Power (TV pilot)
The Man From Atlantis (series, lasted 2 seasons I think)
Challenge of the Superheroes / Roast of the Superheroes (TV specials)
Dr. Strange (TV pilot)
Captain America (Reb Brown, 2 TV movies)
The Phoenix (Judson Scott, 4-episode TV series)
Max Headroom (TV series, 1 season?)

Favorite obscure comic book heroes:

Altar Boy
The Whizzer
The Aquarian
The Son of Satan
The Thin Man

Hit yourself for each one you recognize!

The bag lady.

Thanks again to the person who sent me this:

Geez, that brings back memories “Isis-isis-isis-isis-isis-isis” :laughing:

Comic books: Swamp Thing!!! And Frank Miller’s Batman.

My personal favorite (as if it couldn’t be any more obvious… :smiley: ) -