The Sweden thread

Sweden is so messed up that it deserves its own thread.

Starting with after the latest Islamic attack, they suggest banning cars to prevent terror attacks. :joy:

How I wish Taiwan could be as messed up as Sweden.


They’re clearly not using American logic, which would require banning all vehicles larger than bicycles, but only on trips that originate in certain neighborhoods.

Cars have been deadly weapons since they were invented. 1.3 million people die every year in a car crash, and 30-odd million experience life-altering (permanent) injuries. So that’s basically 900 Stockholm bombings every day: dying in a car crash is not a whole lot different to being blown up. Nobody gives a shit. Cognitive dissonance much?

I don’t like talk of banning things “for our own good”. OTOH, while cars exist, nobody will contemplate better alternatives, which have been available (but never gained traction) since about 1985. A bit of a prod in the right direction is probably called for.

Enslavement of humans by cars adds new meaning to Stockholm Syndrome. :eek:

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How I wish Taiwan could be as messed up as Sweden.

You wish Taiwan was the rape capital of Asia like Sweden is the rape capital of Europe?


Alleged rape capital of Europe (or the world).

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Don’t be silly.

Sweden is everything Taiwan is not.

Sweden has eight new no go zones

Sure, according to the prestigious media outlet called RT from the glittering testament to press freedom called Russia.

As a Swede, I want to add that the Swedish source article is not correctly quoted.

"Om folk i framtiden ska kunna skyddas måste bilarna helt enkelt bort från samlingsplatser och citykärnor. "

She does not want to make the whole city car free. She refers to gathering points for a lot of people as well as the city centre. Further on, the area she is referring that she wants to make car-free looks like this:

Looks like it’s already car free.

Right now I’m not inclined to buy either version of the story.

It’s interesting how they painted those buildings. Very day care festive. All they need is a huge white letter on each and they’ll be educational. Or symbolic.

So I’ve heard they are going cashless…can someone who knows confirm this? I also read about the whole hand.microchip thing being well accepted there…true? I thought Europe was generally pretty smart so i have doubts about these 2 things becoming reality.

I have been to Stockholm and cash was extremely rare there and there was barely any ATM (which I find really stupid because in the end you still need cash for something). I didn’t notice anyone using microchips though, they just used card.