The System Works!

All those who questioned whether Abu Ghraib and its ilk were aberrations or really manifestations of new American policies and values under the influence of neoconservatism – it’s time to eat your words. The system works:

"An Army interrogator convicted of killing an Iraqi general by stuffing him face-first into a sleeping bag can remain in the military and does not have to go to jail, a court-martial jury ruled Monday night. . . .

After emotional pleas from Welshofer and his wife for leniency, the jury ruled Monday night that the interrogator must forfeit $6,000 of his salary over the next four months, receive a formal reprimand and spend 60 days restricted to his home, office and church. . . .

The jury apparently agreed with defense arguments that Welshofer had believed he was following orders to use creative interrogation techniques when he put Iraqi Maj. Gen. Abed Hamed Mowhoush face-first in a sleeping bag, wrapped him in electrical wire and sat on his chest in November 2003. The 57-year-old general died after 20 minutes in the bag. . . . "

The best part is apparently the former general had been lured to the prison to secure the release of his four sons after they had been “arrested as bait,” a practice known in polite circles as “kidnapping for ransom.”

60 days in church
that really is punishment

What do you suggest spook? Civilian trials for military personel accused of crimes committed overseas in a combat situation? So much for a jury of your peers.

I see another 10 pager. :slight_smile:

A combat situation?

What? Are you crazy? :slight_smile:

You mean like an International War Crimes Tribunal or a Nuremberg thing? That’s just asking for trouble. Our soldiers would never get a fair trial there because of politics.

No, I suggest just keeping up the good work. We’re doing just fine. Justice has been served.

Medals for everyone! Full speed ahead and damn the torpedoes!

Ahh, lovely irony. How I adore her. Such sweet, succulent lips.

So Americans won’t afford the Geneva Convention against Afghani fighters, because they don’t wear uniforms and thus are not combatants.

Now, they won’t give a 4-star general the benefits of the GC, and because?

Because suffocating him to death is NOT torture? Naturally.

Next time, an American soldier gets take prisoner, don’t expect any mercy, don’t be shocked by it, don’t be offended by it, and don’t complain about it. You’ve approved the precedent, and you must live with the consequences even though it will be someone else suffering the consequences probably with his/her life.

This sort of attitude only serves to put soldiers on the front line at more risk, just so some power-happy asshole safe in his little interrogation room thinks he can do what he wants. He should be apologizing to the GIs in Iraq doing everyday patrols, etc.

“I was only following orders.” - Now where have we heard that before?

Ah, irony, that cruel mistress. Sink thy talons into mine eyes. Rip out my liver with thy beak. Let my life spill onto the broken land.