The Taipei Apple Forumosa Conference

We mentioned it, all of us Macaddicts want it, how about we just organize it?
we sure all have different schedules, but we could certainly fit 2 hours all together somewhere and sometime during a week.
I am easy coz I can free myself just about anytime, so i’ll go along with the majority.
I think we should get a place fairly quiet, where we can hear ourselves speaking.
Tips and tricks of Mac OS X.
Softwares (with demo)
Plugins and scripts for iLife.
Automator (who use it, for what)

OK Mac Boys and Girls…what ya says?

I’m free weekdays until 3pm next week. Not sure about venues though. The Starbucks at the Breeze Center is pretty large but unlike back home Starbucks != WiFi. :fume:

whenever is cool. I’m done with work. There’s lots of wireless places in ShiDa.

I am surprised there aren’t that many people interested, i thought we had a pretty cool mac community on this forum.
What’s happening?

I’d be interested, but I’m a complete Mac-idiot. I’m learning to love My G4, just because it is so simlpe to use. I don’t think I’d have much input for you guys :blush:


Hi Guys

I would love to attend but keep in mind some of us are not in Taipei. I am in Jubei/Hsinchu so weekends are the best. However tomorrow I leave for Tokyo and then the States for about 10 days. I hope this might become more than once anyways.

I love my 15 inch G4 Powerbook. Being a control freak should we think about an agenda ? Some ideas?

(1) Tiger OS what’s better?
(2) How to live in a Mac/PC music world. Any ideas about multiple Apple Pods and one MAC or one Mac and one PC?
(3) Widgets so what
(4) Photo Editing- show us
(5) my request- how does a MAC help me learn to play the piano
(6) only Apple can do this
(7) how to watch your favorite movie purchased for 5RMB on your Apple

Location-- Any chance an Apple selling store might be interested in making space and assisting with liquid refreshment?

Cool. I think a lot of us know all the answers to all those things. I hope someone does; I have so many questions! :slight_smile:

I think it’s cool to just have an informal gathering. I imagine us just hanging out, having some food and drinks, and just chat. We don’t really need any agenda except for socializing and having fun.

I’m pretty much open for any time. I’ll be leaving sometime at the end of November; I may travel around Taiwan. Who knows.

I’m interested. Weekends are best for me as well as I too live in Hsinchu. I’m open to discussing just about anything Mac related.

I am sooo there, anytime, any place. Except November 25-27(i’ll be in Thailand)


It seems like there isn’t a date when all of us can make it. How about we start with a time like this Sunday? We can meet up a few times, this and next weekend?

How about we start with this Sunday or sometime soon? It’ll get things started and some of us can even meet multiple times in the next few weeks.

mikehs, I’m really getting into music on the Mac, at least learning. I’m mostly looking at piano and music theory. There’s lots of software for notation and even learning theory.

Notation would be Sibelius, Finale, or Logic (Express). Sibelius seems to have taken a lead a few years ago with great ease of use, even being used at the Julliard. Finale is now up to 2006; it might have caught up.

Theory can be various Sibelius apps (some Windows only) or a new one I found Practica Musica. Practica Musica looks good. And only $100 US. I’m gonna get it pretty soon. There are also apps for training your ear like ChordPhobia.

Though I think my approach is to spend more time in front of a piano. I think it wasn’t til around 150 years ago that people started learning the then beginning classical canon; and now? Piano is no fun. People are so afraid of just sitting down and seeing what happens. Kids do that with crayons. What’s wrong with doing that with an instrument?

My recent habit is downloading midi files and opening them up in Sibelius. You can see and hear the music at the time. I’m doing only Etudes: Chopin and Liszt so far. Etudes began to help pianists conquer various technical challenges. And I’m not really looking at them to learn how to play them; I’m only looking at bits and pieces to learn technique. I should get a piano soon after I return to the US and then I’ll try writing my own etudes.

Reading stuff from real virtuosos is very inspiring. People these days are not passionate like they used to be. But who can blame them? Education these days (especially graduate school in any field) doesn’t exactly promote creativity.

Thanks Gary

You are much further than me in learning piano. Yes hearing is most important and the software you mentioned I have looked at the boxes. Thats it. Youare right you need a piano or a t least a keyboard. I know some of these keyboards can interact with the Apple and software as well. But which ones and how?

So this is one of the topics if someone had experince they might show us.

And thats for the info. I know you have written about this before.

[quote=“mikehs”]Thanks Gary
I know some of these keyboards can interact with the Apple and software as well. But which ones and how?

So this is one of the topics if someone had experince they might show us.

And thats for the info. I know you have written about this before.[/quote]

All keyboards should work. All you need is a MIDI cable and the drivers from the keyboard maker. Some MIDI controllers like from m-audio come with everything included; some of them work only with a computer.

You can get also setup real pianos with midi. They take them apart and add some sensor system. Record or even playback. I’ve seen two grands like this.

I wonder what are the good places to try keyboards here. I think there’s a big music shop by the Howard Hotel.

Sunday any time works for me.

Sunday after 10 works for me

Anytime Sunday is great for me.

There is a cafe on the corner of Ren Ai and Xingsheng named Sphere that is cozy. Not sure the hours but we held a game club there once and it seemed nice. Let me know and I can get more information.

anywhere is cool. Set up a place. I’m probably gone for most of the day tomorrow so you guys decide. See you Sunday.

OK! so who can make it tomorrow? The place Frost ,entioned is good for me! now we need to figure out who’s can make it and what time?

What time would be best for everyone? Anyone else coming?

Mikehs is in Tokyo this weekend and then to America and back in Tokyo next weekend before coming home to Taiwan. But keep the thread going I will try to come whenever I am not outside Taiwan