The Taiwan KOM Thread


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We Brits are quite sensitive about such things. (Well, I am :wink: ) #ageingproofreader



Posted before drinking my coffee. :wink:


Yes, we have arranged for this but I am not convinced that the signal will
be strong enough, fingers though are crossed, we need to get it live.

Lee Rodgers

Co-Founder www.Bond.Bike

Comms Director: Taiwan KOM Challenge & Mongolia Bike Challenge


Word on the street is Phil Gaimon and Team Cannondale are coming too?

I haven’t been a cycling fan long enough to know who he is, but seems like a big deal!


yup gonna announce tonight but seems word is out already :wink:


Gaimon is ex-Cannondale.

Makes some good films now. Check it out:


Worst Retirement Ever is super entertaining.


TBH, people talking about ‘no narrow roads in the Grand Tours’ obviously did not watch the last 50 km of stage 10 Vuelta. Tuesday night, it was.

Check out the narrow goat track and hairpins at 50km/h with leaf litter all over a road full of puddles, cracks, and potholes. Just like Taiwan, really.

Taiwan has some of the best cycling potential on the planet, if it were not for the govt inability to stop farmers using roads for half a day. Political will? NFW.

massive upside benefit to Taiwan reputation and recognition? Meh. Invigorated tourist trade? Meh. fuck it, we need to get to the next cabbage field to pluck 3 NT of cabbage for dinner.

I have often enough been nearly killed by A-Hong in a blue truck or A-Ma on a blue smokin’ scooter in Taiwan, so yes, it is a concern.



Even the road on which Porte bit the dust in Le Tour wasn’t exactly a dual carriageway, was it?


3 NTD for a cabbage, now we’re talking!


GCN too!

Everytime I see their top 10 steepest climbs videos submitted by fans, I think…none of that even compares to Wuling!

Glad Taiwan will be getting recognized not only by the manufacturing of the goods, but also for a great cycling destination.


yup we just announced


When is this event taking place?


Friday, Oct 20.

Hey @LeeRodgers

Are most of the participant announcements happening on your and TaiwanKOM fb pages? Doesn’t seem like much info on the website.


Thanks. Still one and a half month ahead.



Do you think I have a master in computer science or what?


Okay, I’ll bite. :wink:



Very tragic. IF this happens during KOM< it will possibly be the very last KOM.

Such will be the infamy.