The Taiwan KOM Thread


Doubt it.

However, I do hope Feng will have better luck this year. He waited 20 mins for a spare tire last year and decided to DNF at the first feed point.

I think two consecutive years, Teacher Fan has beaten Feng Chun-kai for top Taiwan finisher.

If you want a glance of Nibali, he’ll be at the Tour of Changhwa (環彰化) aka the Merida cup the next day.


Live Broadcast link

Not sure if this is legit. Every year they always give reasons as to why they can’t do live broadcasts passed a certain altitude due to poor reception. What’s different this year?


That’s a sportif isn’t it? I guess its just a PR exercise for the boys.


Here’s the live broadcast link for the English commentary:


Heads Up!

The live broadcast has started.


I’m glimpsing at the feed at work.

First, wow I’m jealous. Bright and sunny in Taroko today. Looks like @IbisWtf 's God of Spinning winds have spared Nibali and crew today.

Second, I got a glimpse of what looked like the No.1 women rider going up the first two slopes in Dayuling. She made it look so effortless…


I expressed my deep sadness over the lack of Cat 5 typhoons blessing Taiwan this year, and the God of Spinning Winds decided to make up for that by granting good weather during sport events.


Piece of piss for Nibbles that was.


A current GC contender in the field…childsplay for him.




First Taiwan and/or locally based rider?


Pooley took the women’s race by a country mile


Was she wearing blue and on a light blue bike?

Might’ve been her going up Dayuling when I caught a glimpse of the feed.


I didn’t know Japanese riders were that strong. That’s interesting.


Japanese are pretty legit in sports. They came in 1st (maybe second?) in medal count for the Universiade.

Any who, KOM has a sub-category for top Asian riders, as well as a category for top Taiwanese riders.

I’m not sure if it was two years ago or a year ago where a 40-50 year old teacher from Japan won his category. Dude had a day job and wrecked the field.


Taiwanese men’s finishers:

1.彭源堂 Péng yuán táng
2.范永奕 Fàn yǒng yì
3.洪坤宏 Hóng kūn hóng
4.李其鴻 Lǐ qí hóng
5.吳沂彰 Wú yí zhāng

Uhhh…where’s Feng Jun Kai? Another flat tire?


Anyone seen a full results sheet yet?


Not yet.



Phil Gaimon finally released his Taiwan KOM vlogs/videos

First one is classic him: