The Taiwan KOM Thread


Part 2 is out! I think Part 1 was a bit more entertaining.

I didn’t know Phil was leading the race for a hot minute. Seems like he attacked right at Dayuling :rofl:


Is it been already a year since the guys from GCN came over last time? I mean… the KOM is that event climbing Taroko all the way up to HHS, and I kinda remember the GCN show came and did it some time not far… in time.


Yep they did it October 2017, so not quite a year ago


From the looks of it…seems like GCN will be coming back in the upcoming years.


I see, thanks.


I make that 6 months :wink:


There’s a mathematician among us!!!

(looking at what riders pay for gear I was under the impression that they couldn’t add one plus one :smiley: )


I like the restoration of your avatar, Jesus80. You look just like the original now.


I can do arithmetic, but I ain’t no mathematician


I’m a work in progress…


The Arab version of the Kamasutra.


Looks are deceiving :red_car: