The Taiwan Trump

Brazil has the Brazil Trump now, so how about a Taiwan Trump? Many locals are calling for a “Taiwan Trump” some mentioning Gwo Tsia Ming and other self made billionaires. When and who will be the people’s Trump in Taiwan? Any guesses ?

You can vote for me when I run.

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My wife says the guy running for Kaohsiung Mayor is the Taiwan Trump (and he’s a loud mouth twat just like the real one).

ok you got it be nice to have a MTGA hat !

I’ll be sure to shill for you on PTT.

Do you give up your US passport?

If he really is Taiwan Trump, he won’t release that information and gets elected anyway

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You don’t need to be elected, you’re part of the royalty. Just claim your rightful throne, ffs!




Dr. Ko, mayor of Taipei.
Don’t have to be a businessman to upset a country’s 2-sided political spectrum.
He puts his foot in his mouth in different ways, and is unapologetic whenever he does it.

Terry Gou of Hon Hai is not a Taiwan Trump. He hardly makes any speech that could be considered out of the mainstream.

Anybody have any YouTube videos of him that have sparked EXTREME controversy? Unless I’ve missed it, I’m guessing not.

Notwithstanding that, he still may try to promote himself as Trumplike.


He has the quality but he’s more like Sarah Palin in that he’s not going to win.

Ko is kind of the Taiwanese Trump, though he’s less extreme. Still a disgusting cunt though.


Why’s this Ko dude so bad? I know nothing about him.

It’s current year, so you could very easily guess why some people dislike him.
A quick rundown is:

The way he managed the city was well received by almost everyone, he developed many new services and infrastructures while cutting back useless stuff. Some of those public works that used to take forever were sped up considerably, thus saving even more money. Many of the improvements that were developed in the last years were not aimed exclusively at Taipei, but also with a broader look at relevant neighboring cities in order to improve transportation, business opportunities etc etc.
In 2017 Taipei held the Universiade, the organization was extremy professional and well received by both athletes, media and spectators, and the athlete’s village has been “recycled” to become accommodation for poor people.

He made some offensive remarks


Ko’s obviously pissed off @Gain a ton, with the “disgusting c__t” remark. What has Koh ever done to warrant that?

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This is faulty logic. If @Gain doesn’t like him, he’s probably the best mayor Taipei has ever had.


analogies now illegal?

“Ko made an analogy comparing forced land acquisition for a set price per ping as being like rape, while offering market rates to land owners was a form of seduction. After making the analogy, he said “rape is cheaper than seduction.””

Well, if you appear to be outraged at this kind of thing you can score some easy points on the moral hierarchy with no practical effort.

Not if the rapist has his penis chopped off.

Exactly what new services and infrastructures have been developed? I travelled to Taipei city daily from 2014 to 2018 and I haven’t noticed any of the perks you’re claiming here.

Universiade is an irrelevant game no one cares about. Stop pretending as if it was the Olympics or the World Cup because it wasn’t. Just ask yourselves if you had ever heard of Universiade before 2017.

Besides, those athletes were mostly 20 year-olds from Europe and North America. How hard could it be to impress them?

What about the fact that he did nothing to the Dome after swearing that he would torn it down in 2014? And what about the fact that he’s potentially complicit in China’s organ harvest?

Btw, he didn’t just make offensive remarks. He’s a hypocritical asshole through and through.

Even if that’s the case (which I doubt), it’s only because the mayors in Taipei were even more trash.

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