The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Wow. That one’s showing water in the Taipei MRT.


I am trying to put one from a bus. Practicaly submarine, incredible.




Am I the only one who finds it hilarious that he left the wipers going?:rofl:


We all live in a yellow submarine…:slight_smile:


Of course the airpot floods again… have 8 guys that was suppose to be here now learning how to box with me as part of the bachelor party. Had to cancel till tomorrow.


Friends in Taichung, beware as rain front is moving your way.


@IbisWtf you doing ok out there? Seems the red/yellow is passed through Yilan this afternoon.


You have friends in Taichung???

Eeeeeew, gross.



Heavy rain but nothing out of the ordinary. The weather bureaoueau (bloody French vowels) only announced “heavy rain” for Yilan, it looks like the mountains gave us some shelter.


Yep, the front is still forecast to drift to the south - anywhere west of the central range from Taichung down will be in the firing line from tonight on as it moves down - and probably the south east coast once the front gets under Taiwan tomorrow evening


This does not bode well for the Suao Highway repairs.


So what should we expect in the Taipei and New Taipei area? More storms like we saw this morning, or “just” normal rain over the next few days?


National Palace Museum Waterfall



Yeah, Taiwan’s buses are just as deadly, ha!


Taipei should be ok tomorrow - i would have thought little or no rain would even be possible though CWB still has it at 80% for tomorrow and tomorrow night - anyway, it won’t be like it was today





Wow, that’s pretty messed up.