The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Bloody hell! That would be scary

Chiayi and Nantou are getting it now - though not quite at the 100 miles an hour levels of northern Taipei this morning and much heavier in the mountains than on the coast.

Tainan, which was one of the few places with no rain today, should be next on the list

500 mil in the northern mountains of Kaohsiung county already - they will get a lot more tonight/tomorrow


500mm of rain? that’s like super-typhoon type downpours. wow


I had to look for this one for a while:


Should have a tournament to see who will be the best man at the wedding.


Neihu, Keelung

Soochow University

Tamsui, Metro station

The bus footage has been taken down, but here you can see some partial views - not suitable for anxious people


Just brutal. I hope everyone is OK!



About 3 dead and a hundred hurt, for like 2 hours of heavy rain. Unbelievable.


Some time ago I read here that after heavy rains chances of having earthquakes are higher… is this true?


UPDATE: Offices and schools in Chiayi County’s Alishan, Meishan, Dalin, Xikou Townships are closed. So are Guanghua, Taoyuan, Longshan, Zhonghe, Zhongxin elementary schools in Zhuqi Township and Xiding Elementary School and Dapu Junior High and Elementary Schools in Fanlu Township


That does seem to be true, but if I’m understanding the New Scientist article below correctly, it doesn’t seem to be something we particularly need to worry about: the research seems to emphasize karst landscapes, and I don’t think that’s what we’ve got in the Taipei area (but is that what they have in Kending?)

Quoting the second article below:

On non-karst land surfaces, rainfall presses down on the Earth in a relatively uniform fashion, and is generally fairly swiftly carried away by surface rivers and streams. As a result, the pressure of the rainfall on any underlying fault is small.

But in karst, rain pours into the channels and caves. It does not run off the rock but runs into it, like water running through a complex plumbing network. As a result the pressure of the rain builds up inside the “pipes”. And this, says Miller, is what is making rain trigger earthquakes.

He explains that increasing water pressure inside a rock is one of three ways to break it (squeezing and stretching the rock are the other two).

Water pressure acts like a hydraulic jack, pushing the rock apart and allowing the pieces to slide past each other. If this happens on a large scale at a fault line, it can trigger an earthquake.


Thanks. I don’t mind small shakes, but a big one will mess with my aquariums!


Years ago, a shaker tsunami’d our tank and splashed all the little fishies onto the floor. Fortunately we were home and able to get them right back in the tank.

However, the next morning we awoke in a chippy, as the thermostat had also been jarred loose and, with nothing to regulate the temp, cooked all but the one big guy we had, and he was pretty lethargic from that day forward.

So ya, fish tanks…


When 921 struck, we lived in a place where the landlady had fishies…until that fateful night.


When will this rain piss off? What is it like in Taipei?? Taoyuan area is okay, no flooding where I am, but it’s still a lot.


I wanted to watch baseball tomorrow too >:|


Introducing gogoro 2 water


Heavy rain again in Danshui for the past hour or so. Not crazy heavy like yesterday, but if the ground is still saturated (does that happen here?), it’ll cause problems if it lasts much longer.


Don’t know if youi guys have received it but there is a warning in place that tomorrow Taipei will see a lot of rain. Please prepare accordingly.

(rain)今日(3日)午後至4 日晚間8點間,受到梅雨鋒面逐漸北抬影響,易有對流雲系生成移入北部地區,預估本市為有陣雨或雷雨之天氣型態,請民眾注意短時間有較強雨勢與強陣風發生的機會。


We are going from Zhuwei to Tamsui, but they diverted the bus somewhere else due to water on road.