The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


I’m wondering how Wulai is doing. I don’t think it ever fully recovered from the typhoons that hit it.


So, more rain it is.


Return? It never really left… I’ve been stuck indoors all day. I even had to make my own coffee…talk about disasters…


I have been stuck in the office all day. Now I have to take my cayuco and paddle back to Xindian.


Um … how do the underground stretches of the MRT hold up in this kind of thing? In Danshui I’ve seen more flooding from yesterday and today than I have from any of the typhoons I’ve experienced.

Not to make Icon nervous or anything, but I’d be kind of uneasy on an underground train tonight.


Sounds like you should’ve brought your folding cot. I hope you’re not too close to the river in Xindian. I still remember the serious flooding near the river there from that typhoon years ago.


I was already uneasy, though I think it is much worse on the Tamsui or Wenhu lines, which are elevated.

And I was just thinking maybe I can take the bus but then I remember the submarine bus from yesterday and I think I’ll take my chances on the MRT.


So how are things in the north coast? as bad as yesterday? I’d say that we’ve got at least as much rain as yesterday in Taipei area)


The front, which was forecast to be well south of Taiwan at this stage has stalled and is oscillating back up towards the north - so it’s back on again up there.

Lostinasia, sorry about the mis-forecast

Take care tonight - it could get ugly


Just take flippers and snorkel and you should be OK. And don’t forget to tap your YoYo card when you float out of the station. :grinning:

As to water getting in, yes it did once back in 2001 when a Typhoon passed over Taipei (the shutdown lasted months). I gather that the reason you have to take a few steps UP before going down to enter a station is a result of that. Though Danshui got well flooded around the (elevated) station yesterday it seems - hardly a surprise given the deluge around that area.

Centainly a big deluge though, more than what you get from most Typhoons and even the south has got rain to Morakot levels already.


Boss, do we have to go to work today?
Yes! We have to!


I think it’s finally stopped here in Song Shan.


good bye rain!


It’s coming back tomorrow. Didn’t anyone tell you? :slight_smile:


It hasn’t cooled off, yet. Usually after it rains, it cools off.

I noticed this about the typhoons last year. After a typhoon, there is about 3 days of comfortable weather, usually. But last year, it just got hotter after one.

Life in the tropics.


It rained like a beast yesterday :cowboy_hat_face:


SOAB :slightly_smiling_face: hahaha


I’ve seen references in this thread, and in the past, about receiving emergency messages about typhoons and such on your cell phone. Do you need to sign up for this service? If so, how?


On my iPhone 6 I turned on Government Alert message notifications when I was back in Colorado this winter and received a couple of blizzard warnings over the course of a week of really bad weather. But I began getting those weather warnings every few minutes starting Saturday around 6 am so I turned it off the rest of the day.


If you’re on an iPhone, go to Settings / Notifications, and scroll down to the bottom of the screen to enable government alerts.

I’ve never knowingly signed up for them, but who knows what’s going on when my wife does all the talking for phone purchases.

The alerts are based on your current location: for example, yesterday my wife got one in Shilin, but in Danshui I didn’t. We both got alerts in Danshui the previous morning.

I asked my students about this when we all got alerts for the military drill a week back, and they laughed at the one girl with a Samsung phone who hadn’t received it.