The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Damn that’s a serious level of micro tracking going on there…



Well I also occasionally get amber alerts from Canada about a child going missing in Kenora or Medicine Hat or whatever, so they aren’t always targeted precisely!


Ha! If you want to narrow things down to Taiwan, you could try signing up for this:



Thanks. I went to settings and found that the Emergency Alert was already turned on, though I’ve never touched it. However, in the two years I’ve had my phone I’ve never received an alert. :idunno:


I think it’s still a relatively new system. I believe the alert I got for the military drill / road closure in Taipei a couple of weeks ago was the first one I’d received, unless I’m forgetting something - and then a couple for the rain storms over the past two days. And both of those warnings were very appropriate considering the flooding we’ve had here! I’m inclined to guess that you’re set up to receive alerts, but there just haven’t been any sent to your area.


Does it seem like it will rain in Xiandian in the afternoon? We’re planning to go there for peddle boating.


I’d tentatively say ‘no’ - looking at the radar it seems to have contracted to the south of the island

Over 1000 mil (40 inches) in the mountains of Nantou, Chiayi and Kaohsiung in the last few days and looks set to persist in Pingdong and Kaohsiung today


I suspect that current stream/river flows would result in no peddle boats being hired out, whether its raining or not.


I hope that’s a joke … trying to go out on one of those boats today sounds like an historically bad idea. If you do try it, let me know; I’ll head down to the river at Danshui an hour or so later and try to take a picture as you shoot by on your trip out to sea.


Don’t be so dramatic guys, if it doesn’t rain, what’s the problem? he can take a boat or a bath if he wants. I was considering to go to the coast :stuck_out_tongue:


thx for replies. Seems like plan cancel.


/CV1_1000.png[quote=“lostinasia, post:410, topic:158028”]
I’ll head down to the river at Danshui an hour or so later and try to take a picture as you shoot by on your trip out to sea

Seriously, you haven’t heard about that before? It’s a new extreme sport - white-water paddle boating!

Here’s another thing you don’t see every day - a rain map for Taiwan where only Ilan is dry


@IbisWtf was outside getting a nice tan and enjoying his Taiwan beeru and we’re over here in Taipei paddle boating to the nearest 7-11


That is rare!




Yeah. Stay safe out there ! Definitely not a good place for my Prius , all the rain.


Since the riverside floods, they gather the boats and tie them all ashore, so no rental services available.

Hopefully you can come next week. If you are up for a challenge, you can hike from Bitan to Mucha, or bike from Bitan to Banciao.


If only the water was white…it is yellow brown with occasional specks of drift wood and assorted vegetable matter.


Jesus Christ ! Stay safe out there. The little girl nearly lost her life .


On a less life-threatening note, watch out for flying termites this week. If they haven’t already appeared in the north, the rain might bring them out.

We’ve had a series of mega-outbreaks here