The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


How about green beetles? We get a lot of those around the park in Xindian. Usually this time of the year, after the rains. Metallic green ones.

Back in the ol country we used to have golden ones.


In Yilan those cool green beetles has been showing up for a while already.

I’m more worried about rove beetles though, they’re the most annoying thing about living surrounded by rice fields.


You’re telling me! Those rover guys are supposed to be the culprits of my current pain. :rant: BTW, thanks for asking, my wound is much better, but still throbbing.


After 2 days of rain, I realize my fave flower are getting bald did check and seen few green worms eating the leaves and flower buds :fearful: tonight need to make some home made pesticides.


Careful if they are snails instead of bugs!


There is 1 big mama snail and…and with babies also eating leaves - :rolling_eyes:


Sorry to say but throw that away. Snails carry a lot of parasites and diseases.


I want to know about Wulai too. Anyone in that area? Can so go river trace 加九寮 yet? How long to wait?


You might post an inquiry here:

I too would like to know how things look.



There’s something really strange yet somewhat familiar when I look up in the sky… it’s blue and it’s everywhere… I wonder what that is.

Not too excited. It probably won’t last past noon.


My Mexican classmate defined this morning’s weather as a “Turkish bath”. Very accurate.


How about today?


Hopefully it will rain in the afternoon.

Storm warning for Yilan, Central and Southern Taiwan, mainloy mountains and East coast.


I was hoping for another week of warm days and cool evenings.

Seems like that has ended.


Well, as per CWB, they have 40% chance of rain for tomorrow and Friday, and dire warnings for heavy rain incoming next week. Weekend looks clear up North… so far.

Cool…only indoors. May I suggest a nice evening in an airconditioned bar?


The hydrometer at home read 80% in the rooms and 90% in the living area.

First time in awhile that I left the AC units blasting dehumidifier for 8 hrs straight.


Extremely hot morning, followed bu thunderstorms in the afternoon. It’s been like this ever since the heavy rain in Taipei.

Thanks, Sky Dragon city.


Intense lightning storm happening in Taidong right now - just had a strike that sparked up one of the power points
The sky has a weird pink hue to it
Not a good time to be living in a tin shed


Every afternoon in Yilan this week, like clockwork. 30+ degrees in the morning, scorching hot sun shining through a complete clear sky, followed by this.


Weather forecast has been changed from doom and rain to sunny, hot and muggy, until Monday.