The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Yep. Just like they don’t stop work outside in this unholy temperatures. What was teh threshold again?

Seriously, the wall of water that is going to hit us will not be fun. Most destruction, however, is restricted to mountanious areas with lots of farms but not enough factories. Until TSMC is hit by lighting/overrrun by hail/flooded… storm day ain’t happening. Meanhwile, we can have up to 100 dead, no problem. Has anyone ever calculated the number of traffic accidents due to heavy rain? As long as there are no delays in the marchandise delivery, all is fine. Container ships can still dock and leave? No problem.


It says both local and international weather agencies agree the storm will start Tuesday evening.


Looks like some heavy falls in Taipei already with 70+ mil for Gongguan in the last hour - though i still think this is probably just an entree for what’s to come


For those new to the forum and this thread, hermana @Icon , any words from the wise about how to prepare for the storm to come?

I myself might be stocking up on some ramen, bread and bottled water. It does seem like power may go out if there’s floods…and it does seem like it’ll flood.


A lot of the below is more for typhoons, but still apply:

  • Make sure your balcony drains are clear. In our case the washing machine has a hose that goes into one of the balcony drains, and before storms I usually pull it out, just to increase drainage.
  • Bring in laundry.
  • Fill a couple of buckets with water, in case water gets cut off - you can use the buckets for flushing toilets or basic washing.
  • Fill pots and pans with water too, for kitchen use, once again in case water gets cut off or becomes too turbid.
  • Make sure electric devices and power packs and batteries are all charged up in case the power goes out.
  • Know where your flashlights, matches, and candles are.
  • You should have a few of the biggest bottles of water you can carry stocked around your home anyway, because of earthquakes.


Thinking about a trip to Baishawan this Friday and Saturday. Should I cancel? I don’t mind the slightly cooler temperatures, but the constant rain would really be a bummer. Rain on and off would be acceptable. Afternoon arrival on Friday and all day Saturday was the plan.


Rainboots, sturdy rainboots…

Just keep an eye out on the news and phone weather aterts, not to mention your surroundings. Water tends to crest rapidly, in a matter of seconds, you could find yourself in the middle of a flashflood. Keep your wits about, reach higher ground wherever you are. Avoid power lines/poles, though. Yes, in the city. Look at the folks in Keelung, Zizhi, Neihu, etc. to mention recent cases. It takes seconds from the time you feel the water at your feet to when it is up to your shoulders.

Do not try to cross any water body you cannot see the bottom. If you fall in the middle of the street, for example, you could be pulled by the current down an unovered manhole or rain ditch. And then it is a nice sea burial for you… if they find you.

If you have to, do not go into the water with bare feet. Any open wound in such filty waters will infect easily and we really do not want to list/discuss what is in those muddy waters. Snakes and alligators are the least of your worries here.

That said, if possible, regardless we have the day off or anything, usual typhoon precautions apply -noodles, bread, tuna, granola, gallons of water for drinking baths brushing teeth cooking and most importantly comode- plus extra for thunderstorms -unplug appliances, prepare batteries and torches, etc.

Stay safe.


In other news, due to typhoon around Hong Kong, some flighst have been cancelled, check yours if you coudl be affected.

►BR827 台北桃園(TPE)飛往香港(HKG)取消。
►BR828 香港(HKG)飛往台北桃園(TPE)取消。


Definitely too early to tell.

My prediction towards the predictions are they are overestimating.

But if the predictions are on point, expect flooding along the coast…and everywhere else.


It’s falling hail. Not surprising.


Alligators? @Icon:smiley:


Here in Taiwan. In the ol country, they would be. Their favorite dish is tourists. Nice, good-looking, bearded Spanish tourists, for example.


I missed the last one, was in Hongkong on that weekend… But since I am living near Jinshan right now and we lost a bridge last weekend, there is a slight feeling that this one is also not going to be easy. I was just down in the city to buy stuff (yes there is another bridge) and on the way back the first rain hit in. Sky dark like on the last day. Looks like the real deal will start tomorrow. ^^


Wow, I’m glad my flight leaves tomorrow and not Wednesday. Please don’t come early, Mr. Storm!


No alligators here, not sure if in your country they’re a big problem during the heavy rains, never heard of it but I guess it could be!

Now no beard, just sideburns :smiley:

#497 says rain for next 10 days


And watch this space, coz if there are flash floods, closures etc, Icon will be all over it in real time!

I see the ‘heart of Taiwan’ has been issued an official ‘extremely heavy rain warning’: I wonder if that’s a danger sign for any romantics out there?


I like the inverted Taiwan. Finally, the south is back on top! :smiley:



First I thought “great the north is not going to get the rain” then I thought ‘nooo not possible this is TAIWAN and the north is the wettest place of the wettest place so when it starts somewhere it has to start here’ and then I realized the map is upside down :frowning:


The South shall rise again!!