The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Is Taiwan about to be sandwiched?



I am flying out on Saturday morning 1am, I hope the storm is chilled at that time.


The cow doctor is jumping ship and leaving us to drown.


Shoes and socks are useless. It’s time to get out the sandals, rubber shoes and rubber boots.


Too much water for sandals. You will lose them once it gets pat the ankle. Rubber boots, pals, or rubber boats.


He is flying out in a thunderstorm. Hope he is wearing diapers.


thunders cracking pretty loud!


It was hailing in Banqiao and Xinzhuang, definitely unusual weather.


If it’s a sign for what’s to come, it does not bode well for anyone on the rock.


Sunshine comes and goes, blackness and a wall of light intermittent… weird indeed. Like typhoon with something else.

I really do not like tornadoes. This weather, so hot, with hail, has a high possibility of twisters, I know, maybe not in Taipei, but someone else’s home could be wrecked.

Most forecasts still call for heavy rain tomorrow. Like, 100%.


What’s the best way to stay informed about the weather here? It seems like the central weather bureau site is not so detailed.




The swans are flying, the swans are flying. Something wet this way comes.


Follow this thread. Seriously. Thanks to the bi-lingual skills of several posters it’s the best place to get immediate info in English on official warnings, developing events and closures

The ‘shape of the beast’ has now revealed itself on radar - and as advertised, it looks big. At this stage you can keep an eye on the radar and that will give you the best indication of which places are likely to be hardest hit


Hail is a very rare event for Taipei! Sounds ominous

Typically the first onslaught will be the strongest even though the rain is expected to last several days.
CWB has a rain warning of 100 mil for the west and north coast, though i suspect some places will sail well past that

The forecast charts have a way of changing, but here’s the one for tomorrow:

and here’s the one for 5 days after that:

It’s like playing ‘spot the difference’


So… in which direction is that colourful mass moving?


You are the best to inform in real time what is happening
And that would be perfect if everyone reports… as well

Here … near Taichung harbor… little, very little. no heavy rain, no hail,
but cloudy and windy with some occasional showers…
as usual for the monsoon season… until now


Towards your front door


Got a little scary footage for you guys. In the ol country, we would see this and run for the hills as an omen of big kahuna quake. They say it is just too much rain causing this here. Warning: not for the squeamish.


Don’t call it that, it makes you you sound lame.
@tommy525 lame.