The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Build it and it will come!

3 months into a one week project, we finally got the new duck pond finished today - the rain has started here and it’s BE:ER o’clock!

Yunlin seems to be in the firing line now as the front drifts slightly south

60 mil an hour there, which is good going, over 2 inches, but still shy of the really damaging level


Thanks for the heads up! I moved out of there a while back, so no worries.

Looks like this storm is gonna circle back a couple times (Saturday and Monday) and hit us here in Taoyuan pretty hard.


Yow! This brings back memories of some typhoons back in the day that would not simply pass through, but would come back for return visits . . . not good! :open_mouth:



Just from what I saw via Haven’t compared to what others are saying, but they usually seem to be pretty spot on.

Head over and hit the play button.

Either way, looks like we’re in for some rain for the next several days.


So far, just rain here in Taipei. No reports of flooding like we got a few weeks back.


It will hit mainly Central Taiwan, mountain areas. Taichung, Nantou, parts of Miaoli and Taoyuan, the usual Alishan/kaohsiung mountain range. If you see the statelluite images, it looks pretty dim.

Problem here is we will have non stop rain for 5 days or more…


Yah, I’ve noticed central and southern Taiwan have been getting hit pretty hard. I haven’t turned on the news just yet, but I have to assume it doesn’t look good.


Found this in Michael Thurton’s blog: a tool that predicts where there will be flooding based on the amount of rain. Could be useful.


We’ve had retired cops protesting all day.

Vuvuzelas and all.

So our handsome young ones have been standing stoically in the rain, holding the line.


Remember, this is not the time for adventurous mountain hikes.


Somebody just told me that the government has cancelled work tomorrow

Is this true?




The quality of this article is truly cringe-worthy.


Do say more.

A side note, unrelated to the weather: as perhaps you know, the range of English-language media sources in Taiwan is being gutted. Michael Turton has posted an account saying that the newly “enhanced” online China Post has apparently fired all but one of its staff. The Taiwan News went through a similar process when it stopped issuing its print form–now they actually have folks writing for them, and I believe George Liao, the author of the piece you disparaged, is a former China Post reporter.



… only in some parts of Nantou and Kaohsiung


Yeah… writing form the office right now xD


Looks like it’s about to ramp up again on the mid to north west coast

Meanwhile in Taidong, instead of the prophesied biblical rains, it’s a pleasant sunny day


Heavy rains brough landslides in Taichung mountains, 6 homes taken away in one.

Seems we haven’t even gotten started…

Check your calendar for the weekend. Some public activities, like the concerts for the Riverside Festival in Taipei, have been cancelled due to the rain.

So no hiking, no mountain climbing, and hell NO river tracking.

OTOH, movies sound great.

and if someone has any ideas on how to entertain a dog with cabin fever, I am all ears.


It’s now coming down in my corner of Taipei City. Wow!



Great. Another week of this. On the other hand, rivers are probably great for kayaking right now…


Two more weeks probably.

Actually, it reminds me of that time a typhoon pushed those containers up from Keelung port up the river and they crashed against a bridge. Remember that one?