The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


The only thing with shipping containers I remember is the one in Kaohsiung showing the wind blow them over.


Oh, that was last year. The one I say was like 2 or 3 years ago. I remember we published the pics, so I have it quite in mind.


I wanted to say more, but I shut my trap. I wrote a couple of articles on the hiker story myself and wanted to post a link and write “If you want to read about it in English…” but I’m strict on myself about the kinds of things I post after I have a few beers under me belt.

Liao’s English is not that bad for a non native speaker, but he translates too true to the Chinese so it often comes off as awkward and mangled. English news media need reporters who can read Chinese, not translators.

Taiwan News was the pits after it went online only, and I wish I could find the screenshot I took of its page when it did so. However, just a few months ago I thought they had made quite a good comeback. Now it’s going to crap again.

I read Turton’s blog article, and Donavon’s original piece on Facebook. The discussions they have generated raise a lot of interesting issues about global information age media vs the industrial model.

If the mods were to split this from the weather thread, it would make for a good discussion, but I don’t want to derail the thread away from the weather.

Hey, didn’t it rain today? My shoes got wet again.

I can’t find the link now, but yesterday I read a group of Singaporeans insisted on hiking up Yushan despite warnings by police. Apparently the cops couldn’t stop them because it wasn’t a typhoon. I wonder how the hikers are feeling now…


Teach three of your pups to play mahjong and you’re all set for a weekend of fun! :tipping_hand_woman:t2:+:dog2::dog2::dog2:= :mahjong:


How are things looking out there? I recall today was supposed to be the return of heavy rain–but so far things look calm in my corner of Taipei City.



I was going to ask if it’s giong to rain today, but I think I see rain over Linkou now. I guess that the question is “is it going to rain a lot today?”. I really need some outdoor activity or I will go crazy.

This map doesn’t give me much hope:


I just rode my scooter to work here in Taoyuan. Grey skies but didn’t need my rain gear.


If you’re quick, the north looks like it might be ok for an hour or so…

Though for the south west this is shaping up as the biggest day so far - there’s a large ‘blob’ of rain off the south west coast that looks set to feed into the coast around Tainan-Kaohsiung-Pingdong


Too late already. I was very close to go for a walk but I guess being at home today makes more sense. Or perhaps it’s a swimming pol + sauna + steamer day…


Weird thing:


Sky not completely grey. Dry roads. Soomething shiny above the clouds.

This is some voodoo, guys. Take care out there.


And hot damn! I can actually see Yangmingshan. Voodoo indeed! :slight_smile:



You deserve a prize for ‘Forecaster of the Week’ for that observation!

It’s a typical media MO, actually - they get a disaster that generates big interest and sales - then they think, ‘That was fun - let’s do that again!’

Anyway, that was most likely the last of the meiyu fronts - now for the Big Bake!


Did anyone say…typhoon season???


Speaking of which… is that something forming in the usual spot east of PPE?


Lemme enjoy the fact that my weekend’s wash is dry and not moldy and stinky. As a matter of fact, did another load this morning and if it is dry in the evening then we can call these plum rains over.


I am so glad they overestimated, at least for Taipei.

I haven’t been watching the news lately, but how is central/south Taiwan? Didn’t they get hard?


Yep. Thsi weekend there were floods and landsliden in Chiayi and Chuanghua. Lots of damage to troads in Alishan area. Agricultural losses. But I do not recall any loss of life.

A kitten that was washed away by the flood was recused and is in vet care.


I’d normally be thrilled/excited about the “proper” beginning of summer and the typhoon season, but I’ve yet to recover from the wettest June ever so I didn’t even dare to check anything going on to the South.


Well the drought in south Taiwan appears to be over?