The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Hate to graze and run, but honestly, who needs Taiwan summers? Now comfortably ensconced in the middle of Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley, where it’s cool and sunny all summer.

And unlike California, it stays Emerald green all summer too. It’s like Ireland, but with hordes of obese people and monster trucks. Why do I live in Taiwan again? Oh yeah…the cheap, excellent healthcare. Can’t have everything…


Love the weather in Taipei from July to December.


Hope you’re being sarcastic. :sunglasses:


I just love summers in Taiwan
Only season I love
Well the week of fall and the two hours of spring are pretty good too


I think I’d have to be a reptile before I could even begin to appreciate summers in Taiwan. It’s hell for us warm-blooded animals. :slightly_smiling_face:


Please note:

  1. Tommy has not lived in Taiwan for 20 years. It was different back then.
  2. He’s talking from the comfort of his home in Frisco
  3. His wife is from Indonesia. She probably thinks AC is too cold and sets it to 27 degrees…like our office

  1. Calls Taiwan “the rock”

Who let this guy in?


He’s actually in Concord, which also gets really hot in the summer (although it is dry heat, which makes it a little more tolerable). The temperature difference between Concord and San Francisco can often be as much as 30 degrees Fahrenheit!

The Bay Area is famous for its micro-climates. The best weather is in Berkeley (my hometown) and Oakland, which are consistently cool and sunny for a good part of the year. I’m finding the weather here in Oregon pretty nice too though.


Isn’t “the Rock” some second-rate actor with a bald head?


No, I’m not. Although, the humidity can be stifling at times. I prefer the pre and post typhoon type of weather. Clear blue skies, hot, with a breeze.


I can only say that I envy your internal thermostat.



Away from the rock since Dec 1999 when I was exiled from the place I was “hatched” (reptile that I am) to the big rock of the US of A Via EVA 743 Combi. Not quite 20 years but I can’t bother counting how many years, and months and days and seconds that is.

I really don’t think its hotter today then it was 20 years ago. Anyone have any charts from the Taiwan weather bureaucrats?

Yes I moved from Frisco (please don’t call it that when you are here though , you may be lynched by the local yokels).
Because SF is reaally tooo cold for me. There is NO summer in SF. NONE. It seems every night whether it be so called summer or winter or fall or spring it is something like 10c or less. Every frickin night in the Sunset district. Too bloody cold for this reptile. So i moved over to the East Bay. Which is wonderful. But yes Concord is actually hotter in our summer then it is at the Equator. And today , my third day of a broken aircon when it is 37 outside and 36 inside and my poor cat wants to take off his fur coat but cant. It is H.O.T.
They said they will fix the AC tomo. I hope so.
Sitting here, after a swim in the (only swimmable when its 35c plus weather) pool I think I am back in TAiwan. HOT as heck , two fans on.SWEAT pouring down… WONDERFUL !!!

The wife who is currently on vacation back in INDO. I love having her here 11 months of the year but I am enjoying my month of bachelorness when I am not commanded by her majesty every five mins. Well anyways, she actually likes our cold weather in spring and fall but not so much winter !!! She actually does NOT like hot weather. I guess growing up at the equator one actually seeks cooler climes? Not THIS reptile. no.

And I call TAiwan the Rock , affectionately. It is afterall my birthplace and “true” home.

I never realized how small the rock was until I realized how small it was !!!

Especially with all these high speed trains and freeways and what not.

The Taiwan I knew back then had no railroad to Hualian and one had to get there via plane or a the very dangerous Suao to Hualian cliff hanger of a road !!! Or later they had the Hualian ferry which was AWESOME for 250 nt. ONly sailed on it once and then it sank.

Going to Oluanbi to stay at the FASD hostel (which was haunted and the crew went home each night) and so remote you had only a radar station a mile away and getting to Oluanbi then was on a two lane black top on the govt bus from Ktown. It felt like going to Tierra del Fuego. Not that I have been to Tierra del Fuego but it appeared to me that would be what it would feel like.

So there.

Nothing beats SUMMER in TAiwan. That’s close to heaven for me.


A+ post, you can stay.

It’s pretty amazing how long the weather thread has been going and I don’t think we’ve ever discussed the weather in which we left at home for Taiwan weather.

The only thing I miss from home is clear skies and low PM levels…everyday. I lost count of how many of my allergies have gotten worse after moving to Taipei from the east coast in the US.


Why thank you! I think I will.

And… here is a tune, long time fav or my mom’s and myself.
And ODE to Summer !

Wonderful lyrics:

There’s a summer place
Where it may rain or storm
Yet I’m safe and warm
For within that summer place
Your arms reach out to me
And my heart is free from all care
For it knows

There are no gloomy skies
When seen through the eyes
Of those who are blessed with love

And the sweet secret of
A summer place
Is that it’s anywhere
When two people share
All their hopes
All their dreams
All their love

And the sweet secret of a summer place
Is that it’s anywhere
When two people share
All their hopes
All their dreams, all their love…

My “Summer Place” is Summer in TAIWAN !


It is hotter. I will leave the stats and charts to the better-connected forumosans, but everyone I know says the summers in Taiwan did not used to be like this.



Where’s @the_chief when you need him??


What? You don’t like the theme from A Summer’s Place??

The Chief? I believe he defected to the other side…err site.


The last few years have been significantly warmer but CWB records only go back 10 years - you need to pay if you want info further back than that.

Last month was about average

CWB has added this service but the info is patchy

I see they are predicting an ‘apparent temp’ of 43C for Taipei tomorrow


Ok its getting hotter in Taiwan, along with the rest of the world. Until the next Pinatubo.


Everywhere in the World.