The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


This is one long-arsed meiyu front

Could be a last flick back in the tail for northern Taiwan


Buy gopherwood futures.


Eeeeew, the rain out there is the kind that generates those big round bubbles when it hits standing water.
Someone told me once that it’s a sign of really low pH in the rain, anyone heard that before?


Thunders! I hope it will not be raining after 6pm, I need to do some shopping 8(


Worse. Tomorrow there is 40% chance of rain and it is Canada Day. :rant:




Fuck Canada. But I had a ride scheduled for tomorrow morning :frowning:


I don’t understand…which part is the bad one? 40% of rain? Or Canada day? Or the combination?


The combination as it is an outdoor event. Most of the fun is sitting picnic style on the grass… which turns into a marsh when hit by rain. So they close it down.

Last year someone wrote something like “Saskatchewan exhibit” on the line closing the area off. Had me beaten for a while.


Come to Daddy!

Hasn’t rained for weeks and my new pond is still empty - this might change that


Forecast was just changed to 80% rain. Weather warning up, extremely heavy rain expected in central Taiwan, mountain areas, north, south, east, west… :noway:

Happy Canada Day, anyways.


You… you… you…


Weird looking radar image - like a snake

Pelting down here and big falls in Taijhong - over 50 mil per hour - which is damn good going considering CWB has them at 10% POP - south-west Taipei looks to be in the firing line as well

Sky looked very typhoony in Taidong today - clear as a bell and ominous clouds mustering


Sooooo can I ride tomorrow number 7 direction WuLing farm? I was even thinking of keeping going to Taitung…


Ran this morning with the sun beating down on me. It’s now a bit after 2 pm in the afternoon and it looks like night. The sun disappeared and Armageddon comes to mind.


Guys Taipei looks outside just like tornado weather. Very weird rain, like hail.

Black, gloomy.

Any reports elsewhere?


Holy shit!
Gale force out here, horizontal blowing sheets, construction and big trees blowing down all over the place


That’s a nice lightning storm!


My Taiwanese coworker said it looked like out of an horror movie, like The Omen. “Seems like Satan is coming out”, she said.

I was thinking about another movie, like Twister.