The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


This morning when I arrived in Taipei I thought:“Oh wow, such a nice blue sky!”.

Now it looks like the beginning of War of the Worlds.


I was just watched a video of a scooter driver struck by lighting on a local highway. Poor gal. RIP.

Definetively do not head out.


I suddenly realized that I don’t have a raincoat, and if the weather in Yilan tonight will be like this there’s no way I can get home.



It’s just another beautiful day in Taipei.


With a Wellcome bag over your head.
Make sure to poke air holes, man!


Without air holes I’d score more points in extreme survival, though!


And now it’s gone, bright and sunny and about 8 degrees cooler.
Except for all the friggin leaves and debris all over the ground.


bright and sunny where? skydragon city is still pretty gloomy


Zhonghe, it looks like it’s moving south


Same here in Taipei downtown. Bright sunny afternoon.

Crazy weather.


Some beautiful weather here in Zhongli this week xD


Weather forecast for today same as yesterday: hot, sunny morning, followed by heavy dangerous thunderstorm. Lots of rain up in the mountains, watch out if close to rivers.


Lovely views of the mountain range in the South of Taipei. I saw them in “high resolution” yesterday at 6:25 PM when going to Banqiao by the expressway in HuanHe. I think I never saw those mountains so well, the sky was really clear.


When I got back home yesterday I learned that Yilan didn’t get any rain at all. Kinda shocking, considering the amount of rain in Taipei during the afternoon storm.
There were some cool lightnings in directions of Taiping montain, though.


The summer afternoon storms can be very localized. In Danshui yesterday we had dark grey clouds swoop through, but I don’t believe it rained at all.

Those mountain views yesterday morning were something else. I was biking on the Shezidao cycling path at 7am, and wow, Taipei can be a beautiful city.


33 degrees but feels like 42 with 63% humidity but hey the air quality PM 2.5 is under 50 which is ideal air quality for outdoor activity.


Yep, but the clouds have started gathering over Moldor…


Looks like Sauron’s having another pep talk with his Orcs…


How come the sky gods or land gods don’t improve the weather or the drainage? Me thinks people need to pray the opposite of what they’ve been praying and stop burning all the paper.


91 mil in the last hour in Wulai - that’s serious rain

This looks like some typhoon tail action and seems the whole island will be affected - flash flooding is likely

CWB has 50 mil heavy rain warning issued but it’s gonna go beyond that ln several areas

Take care on the commute home