The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


And it is much much worse in China:


Great weather for snakes!

A rather large cobra where he shouldn’t be




What is “little helpers house” and why do they host cobras?

EDIT: I don’t think it’s a cobra.


It’s definitely a cobra

Apart from the hoodie, they have this blood-curdling sound - it’s a hiss but almost a soft growl - sounds like Voldemort talking


Soup tonight?


Haha, if my neighbour’s had seen it…

But actually I was super impressed with the fire brigade guys who came to catch it - got here in 10 minutes - the drive from their base is 9.5 minutes - they caught it and bagged it in 3 minutes - then went off to release it eco-style into a new, suitable environment

Very un-Taidong style. As a public official, I feel obliged to report their behaviour in case it catches on


Where was this? city?


That’s interesting. At the beginning I thought it was a cobra, but that extra large head (probably a semi erected extended hood), and when I coworker said that that wasn’t a cobra, then I thought it had to be something else. If you say it’s a cobra, I believe you.


This should convince your co-worker!


Severe lightning storm happening in Chiayi right now

Assume it’s associated with the TD going up the coast


Lovely thingy. A bit pissed off though :smiley:

BTW, in addition to the hood and the hissing, the whiter lines also tell you that it’s a cobra.


Rain and thunders are back, yay!


It’s like typhoon weather out there near Zhongshan MRT.

No rain…yet.


No rain? o.O Around Technology building we’re going to need boats very soon.


Great…I’m heading there after I get off in a bit.

So you ARE in Taipei…


At the moment, yes!


Shitty Friday ahead!


The good news is that CWB has Taipei at only 30% POP!

The bad news is the radar says otherwise…


(Well, actually they’re quiet quiet, but there are LOTS of lightenings right now!)