The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


So you mean Spring is a social construct? That would explain everything! Bloody urban legends…

My wife suggests the opposite: keep waking up earlier and earlier to be active before it gets too hot outside. I don’t think it’s working, though


He’s referring to the cumulative total over the past few years. Of course we don’t have 48 hours of spring per year - don’t be greedy!


I’ve experienced a cool, refreshing Spring breeze on several occasions, only to realize that it was actually air-con blowing out the door of a nearby shop.


Yeah, something like that.
Same as snow and comfortable light jacket weather.
We all like to think it happened, but in reality, it’s always been like this and always will be.

Consensual hallucination.
Like, you know, 60s sitcom America.


Yeah, I don’t do much (motorcycle) riding around downtown anymore, but I used to, and those moments when you’d drive through a department store or big office’s AC blowback were like the kiss of an undine fleetingly touching your face and then disappearing.


Killer pop culture reference. The Eagles, who knew?


Yeah, never heard that one before.:roll:


Personally, I’d go for a deeper cut, like “Take It Easy” or “Desperado.”


Hell, why not go all the way and drop Tequila Sunrise, the greatest song ever written about drinking tequila all night long and striking out with a skanky waitress.


Is that what that song is about? I could’ve sworn is was about a love triangle between Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell and Michelle Pfeiffer.


Pfeiffer nails it as the skanky waitress.


Wait…I thought Mel and Kurt were nailing the skanky waitress…


This is gross.

The thick unmoving kind of heat that gives you the dinosaur thermo-squirts.


Awful. Temp reads 33 but Real Feel is 40C.


It is windy again but that hot hairdryer on full kind of wind, no refreshing cool gentle breeze.

And then a compatriot sends me this:


Aw. That’s love


Forecasts for the following days are for extremelty hot weather, average of 36 degrees, followed by possible storm/rain by the end of the week. This is due to a potential typhoon/tropical depression in the region.

Heads up again, as there have been many cases reported of both heatstroke as well as contact burns with hot surfaces. We are talking second to third degree burns from touching metal sheets, garbage pails, metal railings, vehicles, concrete floors, etc. Mostly children, but adults too. Many slip and fell on a metal surface and got burned badly.

Also, please take care of your pets. They wear no shoes and asphalt/sidewalks get scorching. Leave plenty of water for them and let them find the freshest place they can. Heatstroke symptoms in pets.

In people:

Early signs of heatstroke include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite and muscle weakness,” Chu said. “When these symptoms occur, people should drink water and rest immediately.”

People should not stay outdoors for extended periods during peak UV times between 10am and 2pm, he said.

The Health Promotion Administration said heat injuries includes heat edema, heat cramps, heat syncope, heat exhaustion and heatstroke, while a high body temperature can trigger cardiovascular, cerebrovascular or respiratory problems and even sudden death.

It said that people should remember three important rules to avoid heat-related illness:

First, keep the body cool by wearing light colored, loose clothing; avoiding direct sunlight; and staying indoors where there is good ventilation.

Second, drink water frequently and avoid alcoholic or sugary beverages.

Third, keep an eye on the temperature, monitor your own condition and get plenty of rest and water if you feel ill.

The cloudless sky mean possibility of sunburns is very high. With cloud cover only high.

Taipei, July 23 (CNA) Ultraviolet rays in northern and eastern areas of Taiwan were very high Sunday, meaning that 20 minutes of exposure could result in sunburn, according to the UV Index forecast network operated by the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA).

So, better wear sunscreen/long sleeves with UV threads, etc some kind of protection. And I do not mean an umbrella.


I think it’s funny today’s news is focusing in on and predicting the weather for next Sunday already.


What do you mean? The one I quoted is for yesterday. See the date?

Anyways, they can, as usually, they issue a week ahead forecast. Even AccuWeather dies that. The accuracy, however, is another story. And the more time we get to buy paomien and rent movies before a typhoon, the better.


No. I was referring to news I’ve already seen and read this morning.