The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Jiminy Krinklecuts, man.
I was cooking Sunday Pasta last night and the kitchen was so friggin hot I actually started getting dizzy.
Had to go sit down for about 10 minutes until the black spots stopped.


I just wished the temperature wouldn’t rise so quickly in the early morning 8(

I mean, if it’s 38c at 1pm eh, whatever, but it spikes above 30c as soon as the sun shows up ;_;

Anyway, what’s up with all these trashy fake clouds in Taipei?


Mayor Clown Shoes rented them from a guy in Taitung for the Universyweenie deal. Hope they don’t get fucked up, or there goes the deposit


A coworker was telling me that the outdoor thermometer at her local park is broken: it is frozen at 31 degrees.




Well, stuck. When your computer gets stuck, the screen is “frozen”, no?


It’s too hot for being frozen.

BTW, I saw yesterday some forecast saying there will be rain this week… starting from tomorrow…


Says 34 outside but stomach says time for lunch :slight_smile:


This means you’re still healthy. When you just feel like vomiting, then you’ve reached your limit of Taiwan’s dazzling sunshine. :smiley:



how is it going in skydragon city?


How many of you just received the general warning on your cellphones regarding heavy thunderstorms in your area?


Yup! Just got the round of ding’s in the office as people’s phones were alerted.




Just got one. Colleague asked me if they sent it in English to foreigners :slight_smile: . Just noticed that whatever way they are sent they are not like a normal text message where you can copy paste into Google translate, no way to copy, at least on an S8.


alert for some rain? ha, silly skydragoncity people

also, joke’s on me, i’m in taipei now


Man oh man. I came to the Pacific North Wet to get away from Taiwan’s sweltering summer, and today it’s 40 degrees where I am! I guess there’s no escaping punishment for my myriad sins. At least it’s not raining…


Unless you are outdoors…

30 degrees in the bunker … and climbing.

computer breakdown has started. waiting fior inminent explosion…


Isn’t that a sign to go to your nearest 7-11 for aircon?


And they have a working printer…

But they only pay me if my butt is glued to the chair…:sob:


Skydragon city this summer is trying to compete with Yilan for sudden showers/thunderstorms.