The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017




pfft, you Skydragon people




36 degrees in Taipei. Real Feel 43.



Waiting till 3 to emerge…too hot these last few weeks.

  1. Fuck me its hot.


You might have to reschedule!

It’s 3 now and still 37 C…


It was 5 here in MIaoli and I got out of the car and my God it was HOT.

Its still HOT!


According to the CWB both Taipei and Keelung hit very close to 38c today, yikes >_>
Yilan was a much cooler 35c.


i dont mind how hot it gets when the sky is as clear and beautiful in taipei as its been the last two days


It will be the same or worse all week. Dress accordingly.


You mean we should near nothing and let all the dongles dongle?


39.3C is the hottest temp ever recorded for Taipei - set 4 years ago, almost to the day (Aug 9)

Wonder if we might give that a shake tomorrow

2nd hottest day ever is 38.8 C set in 2003

CWB, however, is ‘only’ predicting 37 for tomorrow - guess we will see what happens





32C at 8am in Taipei

That’s already 1C hotter than the same time yesterday


34 C at 9am. Should have worn shorts to work.

Everything is fine as long as you have AC. Poor Autie Peng will be in an oven after noon. Please remember they turn off the AC at noon “because we are out at lunchtime” and then we enjoy 3 hours au naturel, or rather, au jus “to save energy”. That is no AC in the hottest part of the day.


Good luck with that!

We could be in with a real shot at the record high today

34.4C now - that’s 1.7C higher than the same time yesterday - which went all the way to 38!


I am seriously considering that. But just imagine your privates stuck with sweat to your chair…



Has nobody done the fainting trick yet?! What happened to Taiwanese ingenuity!? Get thee down on the floor fitting from the heat, nice air-conditioned ambulance and 3 hours in ER with a lovely re-hydrating drip, could even get them to cool the drip!