The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Was it my imagination or did I see some lighting flashing by?

The bunker is still at 26 degrees indoors. Nevertheless, I am worried about severe temperature drops as I have wee little itsy bitty newborn kitties at home.


We demand pictures!


Really pouring here in Taipei. In Xindian, it started raining at 2am, non stop. A wall of water.

If it is going to rain like this, the traffic before the 4 day holiday is going to be a nightmare tonight. Stay safe, everyone, especially scooter drivers.


Yilan has been cloudy for the whole day but no sign of rain yet. It rained last night, though.


I was blaming Yilan for our rain in Xindian.


It just started raining here as well. I blame Skydragon people.


Carry them around in your pants.


Thanks Trump.


Anyone else feel that it’s more windy than average in Taipei?


Xindian is windy, rainy and cold.


Cold and windy here in Taipei proper. No rain. Very refreshing!


There is a fine line between chilling and refreshing…

It is so cold I can’t stick out my head to eavesdrop on my neighbors` argument. They have been at it over an hour! Some plants are involved. Pity the cops called to … mediate?


Maybe it’s a sign from the Buddha to mind your own business. :grin:


Friggin racket can’t watch TV in peace, you mean.

If they steal my joy of entertainment, they can be the entertainment. Heck, they are already entertaining the whole block.

BRB. Gonna throw out the garbage/get an update on the situation.


18 degrees outdoors as per CWB… 18 degrees indoors in the bunker. My nails are purple.


Kerosene is your friend, shorts and T-Shirts all winter!


Don’t be a drama princess, Icon…18 degrees is “room temperature”! I doubt your nails are purple unless you painted them that way (not recommended).


18 degrees in my office too.

I’m very glad for my laptop blows out hot air every once in awhile to keep my fingers from turning purple.


Oh, I’d like to use kerose at the office, in spite -or maybe because- all the piles of flammables we have all around.


In the ol country, average temperature was 22 and I was happy as a chachalaca. Sitting in my cubicle typing my life away or worse, holding a red pen editing, I ain’t happy.

I have no purple nail polish, but I do have black, blue, green, yellow, etc. Purple makes me look iZombie.