The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Crying out loud, woman


Color me skeptic.


Como quieras, como quieran, palomita.

Keep sweating.:idunno:


I alredy have two electric fans on me.

Apparently we must survive this week onky as next week the policy will be lifted. One hopes so.


Look at the bright side: free sauna.


dat shower


I’m not sure what the record is for the number of 37+ days in a month but Taipei must be giving it a tremendous shake - seems like it’s 37 every day there - and three more forecast - and no rain for the next week

The average high for August is only 33.8 - so that’s consistenly 3+ above average

And the last two years were pretty much the same

So far as climate change goes I think we can safely say the future is here


And they are disconnecting the electricity tonight at midnight. Some repairs. We will be cooked to perfection in the morning, like a nice pernil.


Yilan this morning had some nice breeze, it didn’t feel like riding inside an oven at 6am


UV very high in taipei is 9.


I went up Yang Ming Shan three days in a row Friday-Sunday.

Friday it was still an oven.

Saturday it was a cloudy day so it was cool.

Sunday it was sunny, but got a cool breeze.

Hoping for it to cool down a little so I don’t have to be up at the ass crack of dawn to go exercise.


Another 38C day bagged and tagged for Taipei today! (12:44)

The next two days should be interesting as well


Shade makes a big difference. Saw a lot of bicycle riders on the road to Fengguikou yesterday. Was thinking, that must be torture in the sun. We went in the woods and there it was actually not hot at all.


Anytime before 9AM on weekends and that road is packed with cyclists (and runners). It’s so popular that photographers are there both days on the weekend providing free pics and perfecting their craft.


Is that what they were doing? I was wondering. I love that free pic I got from them! We got started late on Saturday (after 8 am start) and so Xiwan Road was torture since there’s very little shade on that road. A couple of minutes slower than the week before and we were breathing really hard.


That seems to be a common problem with Taiwanese culture in general. And not just related to A.C.


Guys, again, please be careful and protect yourself and others from heatstroke. Today’s Apple daily cover has a child who died because of it, on a trip to one of the outer islands, while on the boat. A construction worker suffered brain damage in a heastroke incident this week, too.

Keep your pets out of enclosures, do not put them in those astronaut plastic contraptions and protect their paws from pavement. You wear shoes, they do not. Leave water out for strays, please.


After yesterday’s 38C up north, I was gonna say today’s 37.6 was a bit anti-climactic - but then saw that it did knock out the power - so it was hardly a cool change

Tomorrow’s forecast is similar - interesting to see if the power trips again




It’s a good thing all that “global warming” and “climate change” nonsense is just a “Chinese conspiracy to take away American jobs”, or we would all be in trouble!