The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


No kidding, man.
I had to get the Mrs to execute the dreaded 刮痧.

No day at the beach with the fur and all, lemme tell you.


What exactly is that? I mean, I know WHAT it is, I just want to know what is the purpose?

The first time I saw my kids come in with that, I was really concerned. Then my wife later explained to me it is to cool off and a lot of fun. Yeah. No.

Does it really work or is it all “it works because I think it works”?


Works for me, man :idunno:


I will as soon as the rice fields are green and the weather is mild.


Is it me, or does it just feel hotter? What I mean is, today the heat feels more piercing than usual. I feel like an ant under the magnifying glass!


Well, yeah


Things are different in the sticks.


Sorry, I didn’t know you were a foreigner


Nah, this is not Taichung.



It would be nice if some of that came over here!!! We haven’t had a meaningful rain in months.


Yilan has all 10 spots in hourly max and daily max, lol. During the last 3 days, 9 spots out of 10 belong to Yilan and one to Pingtung.
We’ve really had a lot of rain this couple of days, haven’t seen this much outside of direct typhoons in a while.


Shitty rain… vacations postponed. I think i will go snorkeling today, no matter if it rains or snows.


I have friends from abroad in town. We had plans to go to Taichung and Taitung and even Kaohsiung. Friggin rain is all over the Island…How long is this gonna last? They only have a couple of weeks. :disappointed:


Seems like afternoon showers will occur throughout the week, but nonstop rain is not in the forecast.

Are these the friends you are “entertaining”?



Depends if they have a tiny sausage



LOL. You funny.

Tiny sausage dog last spotted at another pal’s home in Florida. No direct conbtact yet, but at least we know he’s around.


So you’re longing for direct contact with some friend’s tiny sausage…ok, I’ll add this to the list of things that will cheer me up until the next decade.


Love doesn’t last that long.


Not when it’s centered around a tiny sausage!