The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


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Don’t be a tiny sausage-phobic ! I know many tiny sausages and they work real hard to make up for their size



Yeah, I feel for them. Wait, what?


How about:“The tiny sausage weather thread 2017” ?


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You guys are awfull! LOL


Blick, it’s just hot and friggin…thick out there.
Not much point in the temp staying down around 30 when the friggin humidity is bouncing around 85 or more.:roll_eyes:

It’s like standing around in a giant vat of hot Jell-O…


At noon I saw the external temp at the bank meter read 39 degrees. :sweat:

Humidity is a killer. Had a bunch of magazines on the sofa…they were all stuck together and started to mold.


Computer says… Currently 31C…Feels like 39C!!

Thanks Taipei we love you.

We love that you are getting hotter every year too.

Where do we go and Bai Bai so we can keep this good progress up?

Record August temp. Fuckin A! Bring it on.
CWB drones say it was because…Wait for it… It rained less!!!

I’m gonna get me a great big bag of gold paper money, some cheap ass noodles from Want Want and we is gonna party like it’s 2078 with our robot submarines and Ikea aquabases.


I am 100% with you–except the Want Want part. Screw those pro-annexation guys.

More seriously, I wonder if we have finally reached a tipping point, where there is wide awareness (at least among the folks I’m talking to in Taipei) that this climate change thing is bad news. Will folks demand better political leadership, with a commitment to less carbon emissions, more trees, and more careful planning? Without it, our cities will become brutal places to be.



Oh yeah, I’m certain they’ll get right on it.

Right after I wake up in the morning to find that I’m Sam motherfucking Elliot,

and brother @Brianjones starts pooping out gold Krugerands every morning after coffee.

We’ll be in touch.



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that’s a nice shower in taipei, wtf


Gives me an excuse to be lazy now and finally get some alone time with the PlayStation lol.


Seems like temps are dropping. Was up in the mountains yesterday and it was a good breezy 20-22C at 300m above sea level. The city was about 27C.


Definitely cooler in the mornings. Had a good run this morning and the cooler weather played a big part in that.


What’s up with the heat? I’ve got a sporting event this weekend in Taitung. This is not what I had hoped for.


Yes, what is up with it? It is supposed to be autumn! It was actually very pleasant for my morning and evening walks. Now I see the temp is Real Feel 41 degrees?! Not nice.