The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


There have been huge ups and downs in temperature after typhoon Talim’s ass gently touched us. In Yilan we’ve had a very cool week, but Taipei warmed up quicker.
Due to this sudden changes in temperature I got a cold (first time in 5 years), 3 of my friends got seriously sick and during the last couple of days when I get on the bus it’s an endless choir of sniffing and coughing.


You think? Yesterday the temperature inside the bunker was at 20 degrees. My coworkers were wrapped like burritos in sweaters and blankets. Today it is a pleasant 25.

Sorry about the cold. Rest and have lots of vitamin C.


Vitamin C and rest when someone gets sick is too old school: exercise, cold showers, walk around house naked with air conditioning at 110% and no hot food. This is how you do it. My body needs to know he cannot trust anyone, not even me.

Getting better now, but it has been fairly annoying, especially in the throat.


Temperatures for the next week are targeting 36 degrees. Looks like a record breaking September.


Take that, every other year in history!


And people were telling me why bother fixing the AC since summer ended already…


That was like…one day.

@IbisWtf is at it again, no typhoons and now the hottest September…ever.


We need to start collecting some heat now, so that next year the typhoon season can be extra spicy !


This year’s autumn tiger has been cancelled, the tiger’s too hot to even bother turning up.


Yep. The neighbors were talking about such a hot autumn tiger and I was what autumn?! It has been a single hot streak since…well, all year long, since we also had a hot winter. Heck, it has been hot since Lunar New Year!!!


Remember the previous winter when it was snowing around Taipei and I had to burn the furniture to stop from freezing? Jeez that seems a long time ago…


Around 5pm there was a bout of rolling thunder. Wave after wave, time and time again. Like a summer thunderstorm. Totally out of the blue. Grey skies. Not one drop of rain here.


Talking about global effects of climate change: chain reaction from the early onset of spring in the Tibetan plateau.


This awful weather is unbearable without air conditioning. After seeing this news clip, I am sure he will come Thursday the earliest.

37 degrees expected up North. That is not Real Feel, which today for Xindian was 40 degrees.


People complain about lack of rainon the typhoon thread -> instant category 4+ typhoon

People complain about hot weather on the weather thread in Autumn -> oh God, I don’t want to think about it


35 degrees in Taipei. 42 Real Feel.



So from 37 to 35?



It is expected to hit 37 all week. We are already at 35 something.


You’re ready for snow in Taipei?


At this point I am about to buy a ton of ice and make it snow in my living room, where I have resorted to sleeping due to lack of air conditioning.