The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


He knows what I like. Hmmm…



We need a double Like. Me likey a lotta.


But it’s always summer in India India.


I have the feeling Icon is going to seek that Sikh.


And THUS, my comment…

Jeez Louise, it’s like explaining Google to my sister…


People just don’t take raccoons seriously. Now if that well-oiled Sikh were doing the explaining…


We simply cannot get any hotter…




It would be SOOO cool if when it hits 40 the sign blows up…


What would be really cool is if the C turned into an F.


And A minor and then a G, you’d have yourself a nice little rock ballad.



That whole song is minor chords you assclown.




Never say never, especially with Taipei City’s apparently unceasing fascination with cutting down trees and paving everything in concrete.






You can wash your veg, and cook it at the same time!


It is not just Taipei.


You are absolutely right. Other shortsighted municipalities have also buried their heads in the sand while their cities become hotter and hotter.

If you’re interested in an interesting counter-example of how another major city in the region–in this case Tokyo–has actively tried to stop this, have a look here:



I was helping to plan a plot for a house for my wife and I. I sectioned off some of it for a small garden and some grass. When I showed my drawings to the family, they looked at me as if I was an idiot. The entire plot was to be concreted. No one has explained why.