The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


39 is too hot but if I was living in northern Taiwan still that would mean an extra month of swimming in the ocean

Used to be come the first day of September you could feel fall was coming and the days of swimming in the ocean was coming to an end for the year

Sailing on a sunfish in fulung by 15th September it
Would seem a bit cool and of course by the end of September it was not pleasant to swim


Oh, the ocean is perfect for this weather, as is the river. It’s crazy hot at the moment.




Rivers seem particularly dangerous though. So is the ocean but at the ocean you need to look for rip currents and swim in safe areas close to shore, when the surf is not too rough. Or swim in Long Tong? Salt water swimming holes there. IS that place still around? Was nice.

Rivers, you need to see where there are no whirlpools and underwater rocks to kill you.

I prefer the ocean.


That’s why I swim in streams. You’d have to be a bit special to drown in a stream although I’m sure Taiwanese do on occasion.


Flash floods can kill, especially in summer. There are lots of ways people can get taken down in Taiwan!



Never seen or heard of a flash flood here. Thailand yes.


Use the search function on forumosa–you’ll see more details there.



that’s crazy talk…


I never thought about that! That’s the ultimate life hack!


Seriously it is a problem. Flash floods are unpredictable and highly common, as a little rain upstream takes its time to grow into a fierce killing blow.

I posted about some foreigners who survived a flash flood and gad to hang on for dear life like 8 hours on a cliff.


I’ll never go in the water again.


Sure you can. Just leave a generous life policy.


That’s why I mostly bathtub nowadays


I’m looking at an app that says the previous highest temperature for September 29 is 29 degrees (I suspect that’s wrong). Its currently 35 degrees. This is madness.


i said something similar on facebook and a taiwanese person(living overseas no less) asked me why i am still living here then. damn, better just keep my mouth shut and enjoy the extended summer hell heat i guess.


Alternatively, you could tell them to go fuck theyself. :idunno:

Just saying.


“Why are you still living there?”
“Because you’re not here”



that would have been appropriate, possibly not worth getting worked up about taiwanese asking me why i don’t leave or when i am leaving though. it would be a daily thing.
i’ve noticed a pattern in small talk with strangers and its kinda like this.

'ni hao

what country are you from?

how long have you been in taiwan?

when are you going back home?’


It’s the Taiwanese passive aggressive way to say, “We don’t like you non-Taiwanese, so please leave Taiwan.”