The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Fear not, my shitposting diary will be approved by the God of Spinning Winds.


You sound a little overconfident. You won’t know for sure until Ze spares your house during the next super-typhoon.


Being spared by Him = ultimate punishment


Gender neutral pronoun in action! (Love the honorific capitalization) I’m screenshotting this for my students :grinning:


Hard to picture the wind god with nads, so I figured it was appropriate. :sunglasses:


those 250mm fell within a very short time, some of the streets around my house are nearly underwater. The river 200 meters from here is at the most 50cms away from the edge, hopefully there won’t be too much water coming from the mountains!

Edit for clarity: the pic is from the station. My area is not well lit so no way to take photos with the smartphone


Still waiting for the cool weather…


I read “unseasonably hot” as “unreasonably hot” the first time.


Ha, so did I! And it is entirely unreasonable…


I had the same problem reading you xD


More of the same tomorrow… sigh…


wall of water from home to the station, now it has slowed down a bit. Well, I had to wash the bicycle anyway…take that, Mother Nature!


Some drizzles here in the morning on the scoot from home to work.

Nothing bad enough to require me to put on my rain gear.


Look at how cute Taipei is, trying to climb the rain hierarchy.


My family is stuck is Miami - they went there for early Christmas shopping , but there is a hurricane in the Caribbean, color me surprised - and they can’t go home yet. Worse: my brother is terrified of flying and he is not going to like the turbulence one bit once they can get out. And I do not think he can get home: due to the rain, the road to his house is partially blocked by landslides, partially gone due to landslides. They have had like 30 hours straight of torrential rains, which even for the tropics it is a bit too much.

Here in Taiwan, the park next door was so dry the soil was cracked like one of those Bugs Bunny dessert cartoons. Alasm, withteh rain, you cannot see the grass. This morning it was one big puddle. And no, the dog did not waddle in. He had enough fun digging the loose soil last night.


What’s “dry” ?


Come on, it is just getting started here. But I do confess: while Xindian is not as “humid” as Yilan, it is quite close, so I was quite surprised to see our park turned into a dust bowl.


So rain tomorrow in Yilan is a given, right? I’m doing the cycling leg of a triathlon. Lucky me. I was looking forward to really going hard, but I guess now I better just make sure I don’t crash.


Yes, but frequency and amount are not set in stone. During the last week we’ve had nasty, heavy showers followed by hours of no rain. The average is pretty wet, but it’s not easy to tell when the rain will start pouring.
This morning we had heavy rain and plenty of thunders in the flat area between Yilan city and the sea, not something I see often.


The Yilan 100K cycling race that I did 2 years straight had really random weather. Started wet in Tucheng, dry all the way down to Suao, started raining in the mountain area east of Suao, rain from Suao to Yilan and dry from Yilan to Tucheng.

Summary of above: be prepared for rain to come and go.