The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


If I were doing the whole thing myself I would be ecstatic about the rain (nice and cool during the run). I better be ready for anything, then.


A little less PSI in the tires will help with traction :wink:

Good luck!


Thanks for the tip!


Currently in the other side of the world, 3rd hurricane in a row:

Note: some say the alligator shot is a hoax, seems so. Some say not. *I think maybe, but anyways, those suckers are always out there, hoping for an easy meal. Them and boas, very scary, in the water.

*it happened elsewhere last year


Bloody Pingxi disctrict spoiling our 10/10 -_-


38C in Taichung today. We thought it would be a good day to visit.
This year has officially been hell.


Rained like crazy the whole way there and after we arrived. The race started at 1 pm. Like magic, the rain stopped an hour before and it didn’t start again until the event was over. Perfect. I had one of my best rides ever.

Edit: messed up on quotes. Too lazy to fix.


Saturday afternoon it was sunny after a brief drizzle so I took my dog out to the park. There was a lovely rainbow. In 5 minutes it started raining heavily and we were soup.

Sunday the weather kept playing with us, raining every time we wanted to get out. Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

Everyone says it gets cooler after the festival. Yeah, right.


The weather today is an absolute mess. We had heavy rain, light showers, thunderstorms, sunny 30C+, cold rain, warm rain…wtf.
Of course mosquitoes are loving it, and there are swallows and other birds having a party.

Here it was raining, with dark clouds at the horizon, the sun shining through them and blue sky behind me.


Two rainbows in one hour.

You know what that means.

Double rainbow!


OH MAH GAWD! I miss the double rainbow song. Good times.

Also, wtf is this blue sky around Taipei? Yilan was under water -_-


Beautiful picture. No wonder why Yilan was Spain once :trollface:

Yesterday I went to the coast (I went all these days actually) and after intermittent showers I decided to go back to the concrete jungle. Then the sun was shinning on a blue sky for hours…


The weather has been awful for this 4 day holiday. The mountains were drenched in water so any hiking would have been a pita, and the showers were ranging from 5 minutes of light rain to a bloody wall of water from which there was no escape.

I managed to spend some time outside between showers and didn’t get terribly wet, but I had to give up any plan for longer trips.

I mean, I could have travelled anywhere outside of Yilan to enjoy good weather, but that would have been so beta.


Yep, it will be hot until December…

Over the past few days, Taichung witnessed a high of 38.3 degrees and Hsinchu 37.9 Celsius, both record highs for October in those cities.

While Taipei broke no records on Tuesday for Taiwan’s National Day, 33.2 degrees was still an unexpected high, marking the warmest Double Ten since 2000, according to a report in the Chinese-language Apple Daily.


It’s just across the mountain from Yilan, it counts as 10/10!


Next Friday…always the tease. I was promised similar par for this week, but…nope.


My phone app says rain and more rain the rest of the week.


My window view says it’s raining right now…



It was raining so hard my feet got totally soaked when I was walking with an umbrella. Now I’m sitting here in wet socks…