The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


At least it’s only your feet.

Somehow, in full rain gear, my crotch area got wet on my scoot commute this morning. ONLY that area. I can assure you I am potty trained. At least I hope I am.

Checked the pants. No holes.



I think the technical term is “crotch sweat.”


Just a little 30 second run to FamilyMart. Yes, that’s right. This is my footwear in the office. You know you’ve been in Taiwan too long when…

And my nap isn’t going to be that comfortable with my feet so wet.


At least you’re not wearing white socks. There’s hope for you yet!


At least they’re not the Taiwan blue white slippers. There’s hope for you yet!


Gee, rain has not let up. If it is like this when we gotta go home, ain’t gonna be pleasant.


Wow, that’s exactly what it was like walking from the bus stop to my office.


this is what happens when you keep complaining about the hot weather.

Thanks, Obamaicon.


Well, now it is hot and humid.


Thanks for sharing


No hay por donde.


Suena a por abajo :smiley:




OK, now it’s raining tigers and wolves out there again. Am I gonna have to spend another night at the office?


You would have to spend two days. Forecats is 100% rain for the northern area of Taiwan.

I am leaving my shoes here in the office. Rainboots to go home, rainboots to come to work.


I don’t even own rain boots. If it’s a choice between rainwater and sweat, I choose rainwater.


No rain on yilan.



Taipei City–the new Ilan.



This thread is very helpful. So I don’t even need to glance at the window to see it’s raining, which is the norm in Taipei anyway. Maybe there should be a “Sunny Day Alert” thread and a separate “Blue Sky Alert” thread.


Storm city over here in Neihu. Things are blowing around my balcony, getting knocked over, etc. Doors slamming in the wind. This is worse than any typhoon we’ve had this year! Will that tropical depression actually lead to something, I wonder…