The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


It leads to rain xP


@IbisWtf already has his hands full with this thread and the typhoon thread. Sorry, we only pay him enough to manage two. You’ll need to use some of your own funds if you want a Blue and Sunny alert thread.


Yeah, it’s about time to increase the flow of shekels in my direction


rain 1


Taipei weather makes me want to kill myself.


I wanted to kill myself since August.


I have some library books and mags due today. I am already indoors. Heck if I am going out in this again.

Coming home after work I had to give up using my umbrella or I would have done a Mary Poppins reenactment. I was wearing boots and water proof jacket…but my pants were soaked. Really uncomfortable.

Pal in Yilan had told me it was like a typhoons there. Xindian was more or less like that when I got off the MRT. I will pay penalty for my books. Hope tomorrow I can deliver them.


I was the pride of the office as I brought the Big Um 2000 into the office today.


Japan people use clear umbrellas so they can see where they are going, see the city, and not run into people. Hasn’t caught on in Taiwan because Taiwanese are too freagin’ scared of getting a little sun on their face even on a rainy day. Taiwan is Fugly anyway so no reason to look around. A clear umbrella business would fail terribly in Taiwan.



This is also for the thread:“how was your ride today”


also because they have no need for things like seeing where you are going, observation skills and awareness of others.


How is miss the sun. I wish I could live in southern California!


Boy we sure picked a great weekend to go to Hualian …


Come to Yilan!


I saw on tv that many buses on Suhua road were stuck because of landslides so the passengers spent the night in a nearby library…very uncomfortable. So if you made it to Hualien and are under a roof, that is an advantage.

Taitung is flooded badly it seems. East coast taking a pounding.

Here in Xindian the rain hasn’t stopped. Gets worse, gets better, but won’t let up.

In related news, millions affected by floods in India and Bangladesh.


The road to Taiping mountain, and basically the only one connecting all the small towns around there. Feelsbadman.


There goes the price of cabbage.


As per the news, weather won’t start improving until Tuesday. There goes my laundry efforts.

OTOH, Feishui reservoir is full beyond capacity, the others at 90 per cent. Those are the good news.


On the bright side the air pollution is down and the air is clean but on the dark side, air pollution is being released from the sky onto the ground and agriculture.


Waiting: no work, no class

Flights to Kinmen are cancelled. Some international flights too.