The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Oh, you can use the days of the week to remember the last time you had the sun? Here I have to use months…


I bet ya we’ll be 15 degrees in May too…


God, I hope so! Praying to weather spirits as we speak…


This weather sucks.



We had sunshine for a day up here in Taipei. Gongguan was really crowded on Sunday, with people participating in the azalea festival. The rain washed away most cherry blossoms, though.

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) --The balmy weather will not last too long before a continental cold air mass approaching Taiwan is expected to turn the weather cooler and wetter on Monday night, according to the Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

On Sunday, the dry and warm weather is expected to continue for most areas across Taiwan, with the exception of eastern and northern Taiwan and mountainous areas in central and southern Taiwan, where there are chances of brief showers, the CWB said.

Monday night became Monday morning, sigh.


Why did I have to mention May…

TAIPEI (Taiwan News) - Taiwanese meteorologist Wu Der-rong (吳德榮) said on Tuesday that temperatures will fluctuate throughout the week and will be followed by a cold air on the weekend, which is expected to send mercury down to as low as 12 degrees Celsius.

As northeastern seasonal winds strengthened, temperatures dropped to 15 degrees Celsius in northern and northeastern Taiwan on Tuesday, with daytime highs hovering around 20 degrees. Taiwan’s central and southern regions remained hot with highs above 28 degrees.

Wu cited the data from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and said the weather will warm up on Wednesday with a chance of partial precipitation for the east. Another northeasterly seasonal wind is to arrive on Thursday and will bring rain across the island, while good weather is expected to wrap up the workweek.

The temperature fluctuations throughout the week will be followed by a massive cold air mass that will send mercury down to 12 degrees between late Sunday and early Monday, according to Wu.

Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau indicated that it is normal to see cold in March, and the latest a cold air mass arrived in Taiwan on record was in May of 1951.


Yeh! Loving this weather, long may it continue!! I do wish Taiwanese reporters would get fed up with the mercury references and move on to something else though…


No kidding.

It’s like at home when the weather A-hole on the news refers to snow as “the white stuff” for the 500th time this frigging week, and you’re ready to drive down to the station and bust his fucking jaw.

Except your truck won’t start from the cold.


28 to 24 degrees forecast for tomorrow. Sunny from Taoyuan on, of course.

And 12 degrees on Friday.

Talk about wearing clothes like an onion. Peel, wrap, unpeel. More like a burrito.


Burritos! Mmmmmm.



Peel, wrap, unpeel! Mmmmmmmm.



Great weather out there. Enjoy. Tomorrow the temperature drops again.


So one should be getting one’s unpeeling done today, is what you’re saying??

Power Station??


Aren’t you feelin’ the powaaaah?


I refuse to listen to anything from this century. Even the “lesser” bands -those drums, the guitar riff man- are awesome.


Yeah, I got no beef with them being old, just with them being friggin stank


Not everyone can be Grand Funk Railroad… but we ain’t having Justin Beah…


OK, OK. Here’s a song about good weather from the last century with a slightly better pedigree.


Awfully nice, but too mellow for me, and it reminds me of Bee Movie.

Gimme rock or gimme death!


OK, how about some rock/soul summer music? Ernie Isley’s guitar definitely rocks.