The Taiwan Weather Thread 2017


Wusses. This is the most rocking song about the sun.


All very nice , folks, but I mean rock, heavy metal, not soft rock ballads that make me fall asleep. They make me think of lying in a hammock by the beach.

This is the kind of weather when I play CCR nonstop and remember driving down dirt roads in the ol country, trying to avoid chickens, dogs and wild boars white Foggerty sang. Basically, the same feeling you can recreate in Taiwan.


I think with this tune, you might “accidentally” turn the wheel toward the chickens and wild boars while you flick your cigarette out the window and take another big swig of mad dog 20/20 (or in the countryside of Taiwan 美酒加咖啡).


Really abrupt change here in Taipei. Morning was really soggy, hot … and then a cold, dreadful, rainy curtain fell at noon. Awfully dark now. And no longer breezy fresh but snipy cold wind.


Yeah, that was fast…it’s 15 degrees out there now. I’m lovin’ it!

Edit: Whoa, it’s really raining out there now!


The weather in Taipei the past few days has been awesome. Crisp and clear and–with the absence of many fellow Taipei people over the holiday weekend–quietly awesome.



Here is where awesome ends and unconfortable begins…it is 30 degrees indoors in the bunker. Highs of 35 degrees expected in Taipei this weekend.


Too hot. I need to walk around nearly naked.

Send help.


35 degrees!? That’s the kind of weather that really cramps my style. The weather reports I’m looking at say highs of 31. Are you privy to some kind of special information?


35 degrees in her bunker of an office…not outside.


Doesn’t look like that’s what she meant. Unless she’s gonna be at the office all weekend. :open_mouth:


I wouldn’t be surprised. That’s hermana’s only access to a computer!

Unless she bought that tablet she was talking about a few months back.

Any who, weather seems pretty bad next week with high chances of rain…everyday. Get out this weekend!


My Forecast Bar app is now predicting 34 degrees for Monday afternoon - earlier today it was predicting 35 degrees. The forecast high drops to 24 on Wednesday, and 21 on Thursday.

But the CWB’s app is “only” projecting highs of 28 on Monday.

For what it’s worth, Forecast Bar was telling me it was a sunny day this morning, right in the middle of a rain shower.


i like it but over the winter i didn’t miss this leaking armpit feeling i gotta admit.


Hot, humid weather envelops my brain in a static fuzz and saps my will to live. My air ticket to more temperate climes has already been purchased. Unfortunately, I have to wait till June.


Yeah, but spring was great! You noticed it, didn’t you? It was those 48-72 hours or so when afterspivak posted above.


Those were a very good 48-72 hours!

Today’s soupy polluted humidity in the morning…not so much. The “brain in a static fuzz” that Dr Milker mentioned totally affects me too. Bleah!



You crazy. I LIVE for hot, humid weather in Taiwan. Means BEACH TIME. just LOVE Summers in Taiwan.


I’d be willing to make a permanent trade with you. You can have the hot, humid Taiwan summers, and I’ll take the delicious Bay Area summers. We don’t have to swap wives or anything. :sunglasses:


LOL @ swap wives. Got a pic?

If they let me back on the rock permanently i would do it.

The bay area is pretty nice i admit. But the few days in a year in the east bay when its so frickin hot and humid , it reminds me of Taipei in the summer…and it’s AWESOME.